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Roleplay Listing Page 153

Boarding School.
Lonely Riceball;
1x1 ((guy please!!!!!!!))
The High Stream Baker (Needs People-Restart)
Nekos Nekos Everywhere!
Stranger Than You Think
Secrets Are Never Good
Eh... -NOT OPEN!-
Vampires : The Eternal Hunt (Need a Brujah.)
blue blood =need of ppl
Any up for a 1x1?
The rose (one on one)
Awakening the Dead (1x1 vampire need guy)
The Neko Gang?!?!?!?!?!? (((need Nekos...))){{{{ need peoples!!!}}}}
The hangout[full}
That Book!
My last hope!
On the hunt.
NightXAido (full)
Nobody is a nobody. (KH rp we need people!!!!)
Hogwarts- The Aftermath
gods and goddesses....
Party. (Straight, Yuri, and Yoai)
~I Thought I Loved You!!!...~ (((Need People, PLZ...)))
Eye Candies*Need people!!!*
[1x1, Yaoi] ;; L0ST && - f o u n d .
Advertise Rp's here.
My Yamaha against your Labraguini!!! {{{ PLEESE JOIN!!need peeple}}}
Vampire Rose University
Anime-Plot Needed
Not Good Enough
Unstable Element (Needs male)
adventure quest
Hospital of. . .Death? [OPEN]Needs Rpers Badly!! Please Join!!
Forever Hotel
taming the mythical beasts.
The Vampire King
The Bod Mod - Tattoo and Piercing Shop [OPEN, need players!]
House for the Murderous
Boarding (open,everyone is welcome)
Rebellion (a medieval rp) NEED EVIL PEOPLE
Hour of Dusk Fades to Black .:Fin:.
Twisted Reality((full))
~Black & White~ [CLOSED]
Deadly Skies
Reflections. [1x1]
The Korsentino Mansion (needs master)
Archer Point
Happy Birthday!
Secret Life OOC:Closed
TumbleWeed [needs RPers]
Dark Lover
The Angel of Destiny
Danger on the Road ((NEED MORE PEOPLE))
Knight/ Pirate OOC
.The Lost Girl. ((Need more ppl!)) [opened]
real world!*needs RPers badly!*
Sins of the Father (Open! Need People!)
The James Watts Institute of Kinesis
Look but dont touch. (onexone NEED GUY!!!)
Kanna┬┤s island...((onexone ))
Youre here now[onexone]
war of wings -need team leader-
Twin Academy [OPEN] Please Join! Few Spots Left!!
1x1 arron and i....
Incest school? (need rpers)
Akatsuki Truth or DARE!!!! (need guy members)
RP (just join)
Damned. [new; please join! Especially some guys!]
The Mistress and Her Slave (1x1 for Trey)
Silent summer [Yuri][Probably mature]
Lost and not Found.
Heart of the Pride (One on One)
Random Romance 1x1 closed
1x1 Closed [Hidden Lies]
The Burcham Family
The Master becomes the Slave (1x1)
The Ghost Of You--
Yaoi 1x1
Slavery and romance
The Harcourt School (Vampire/Master Roleplay. Need Vampires AND Masters~)
i love god

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