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Roleplay Listing Page 162

Club Emo! (Needs guys!!!!)
*New* Beauty and the Beast. *Please Join!!*
Mistresses - Masters - Slaves [[New NEEDS MASTERS!]]
Repiar work
in between(needs two guys)
The Perfect Devil. (1x1)
The School of Night.
You Better Pray(( Needs a Boy/Girl to Play a Mean Guy o.o ))
Lifes messed up!!! ( NEED PEOPLE!)
Dawn moon
Reckless Mysteries
The Guardians of Ice and Fire
One x One
St. Lunatic High School (night school)
Alice nightmare
Me and jordon
The Rehabilitation Center For Young and Twisted Minds. (Private role play.)
Shadows of the Night
Demon's Knight (1x1) guy needed
Midnight Fate - Demons, vampires, elves. anyone! Join.
neko's laughter (1x1) *PLEASE JOIN!!! NEED BOY!!!*
hmmm.... (1x1) guy needed
Angels...Demons ((2 guys needed))
Sossenryoku Boys Academy ( Yaoi )
1x1 school gang leader (GUY NEEDED)
Heart Songs High school
Fruits Basket RP need mains
Secret (1x1) guy needed
real or Fake?
Hopeless (1x1)GUY NEEDED BADLY
I am NOT going to a human school! ((Need Humans!!!))
The Thorn and the Rose
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Rebelious little slave girl (1x1)
Sisters Never (2x2) (guys needed)
The School of Fantasy/sex
A Club For Friends
the wallflower ((3 guys needed XD)
Wicked Love(1x1 Wizard(Guy) needed)
Yaoi Anyone??(1x1)
Naruto goes USA (naruto rp join please!!!!)
They First Met In Winter [currently accepting characters]
Electronic Creation
Naruto goes USA OOC!!!
10 teens in hollywood (4 teens left)
Yaoi Come Join(1x1)
Family Struggle
school...*new plz join!!!*
Herdio The Legendary Journey
~The Sexy Guy and The Lonely Girl~
Blood castle
OnexOne (( :+: Closed :+: ))
Kill me forever
teachers pet (1x1)
Love of Dance
The Hangout!!!! (SUPER SEXY GUY WANTED!!!)
bored and lookin for a nice rp (1x1)
Teh most Epic Adventure ever
Band?....Love rocks!(Join!)
Pokemon Rinko Region~*~NEW JOIN~*~
Yep...this is awkward
lalal... (band RP) (mains filled.) (PM owner if wishing to be in)
The Starcatchers (Need People!)
Sacrifice for love (1x1)
One on One
What happened 2001?
Music saves the soul (yuri) 1x1 girl needed
its a 1x1 what else...
slaves for sale..GUYS NEEDED!!!!!
Beta Golem
High School Comedy RPG!!! ((Need guys!!!))
Slave Market (rated R any one can join, girls be very sluty)
Dear Hanna*Need Brendon Trace & Ryan*
10 Things I Hate About You
what do you want master? (slave rp) 1x1
Dragonov(needs guys)(come see)
Malfoy [In Love.] =Gryffindor Female Needed=
Of Knights and Romance. (supporting roles open)
teacher....i love you (1x1) need guy
Embracing Destiny Band RP
Pokemon Boarding School [[Started]]
Silent Night [One on One]
Role Playing Advertisement
Woman Master Wanted!(one on one)
My Bleach

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