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Roleplay Listing Page 163

Waking Dreams
im bored and i want to create a 1x1
a cure for timidness? (1x1 NEED GUY!!!!!!)
Pokemon Training (needs people)
Slave Market *Rated R. Needs Masters and slaves*
Emo Slave Market *Just Join!*
Church man
I want to roleplaaaay - join please
Operation: End of Race (A Zombie rp)[Closed]
i would like a one on one. (:
Ancient Legacy
Vamp/Demon Night Club {OPEN} dont ask just join
~~~ Saved and now adored? ~~~ ((OPEN))
The last female Samurai (((NEED CREATURES!!!)))
The Son Of Death
Oddities *Starting over*
The Revolution
disgaea rp
open charater recuitment ( dont ask just join in)
Make them Move [[New, Requesting Even # of Guys/Girls]]
Battle of the bands
Club love (1x1!!!!) ~closed~
Endless Summer (clique island *need rpers*)
Runaway!! ((full))
this doll
Hells Flower: The Garden of screams
Blood and Bullets
need rp parter ^^ 1x1 -full-
chat for Operation: End of Race (A Zombie rp)
the lost of a clan ((1x1 full))
A Fallen Angel
Some what kidnapped..
slave trade...
Operation Anchorage (Vampire
Rebel Birds
Master-Slave {OPEN TO ALL}
War of The Angels -New Please Join-
heaven on earth
princess love story 1x1 (need guy)
rumbling hearts (please join)
Dark Heart(onexone GIRL WANTED)
Human interaction? (1x1 NEED GUY!!!!!!)
doctor who rp ( it can go anywhere with anyone )
The Children of X-Men (NEEDS PEOPLE)
High school Death
Under The Sea High School Dance
A Strange Mix 1x1
Do you love me master? (1x1) ~closed~
My boyfriend is 2 inches tall! (1x1)~
Children Sacrifice {OPEN}
My boyfriend is 2 inches tall! (1x1)~
Harry Potter RP
Us Models. < OPEN!! NEEDS PEOPLE!! >
The Game of Life
My boyfriend is 2 inches tall! (1x1)~
The Other Side NEED PEOPLE
Giantess house~ (1x1)
Into the Pitt (Slave Rp
Into the Pitt (Slave RP - Setting from fallout. Not a fallout rp.)
I need a RP!! HELP ME!!!
Oh! My GOD! ((need people now!!))
Missing! ((need people now))
1x1 {boy needed}
Nilocan ACADEMY (open)
Giantess house~ (1x1)
Giantess house~ (1x1) NEED PEOPLE
Naruto RolePlay
Behind Glass Walls
Slaves & Pets/Need Slaves And Pets
Night War
More than just a video Game~*~NEW JOIN~*~
The School For The Gifted
Sacrement of Love (1x1)
Cut Me (Needs people)
Game wars (Need rpers)
:+: OnexOne :+:
Flight 26 DWN
Vampire Nights: Blood Bath Warrior (M)
Break at Hawkins University(neds ppl)
Black School
Blood Slave (m)
An Unrequited love ( Need 2 Males )
Too Bored To Care What It's Called Rp (1x1)[Needs A Guy!]

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