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Roleplay Listing Page 166

Anybody wanna RP? 1X1 plz
Her little toy~ Need girl/Master (1x1)
Soul Society Games (Please Join)
Her little toy~ Need girl/Master (1x1)
Bodyguarding a brat [[1x1 closed]]
The Aftermath (A Twilight RP) .:New:.:Need RPers:.
Random OCC about Cocnuts and something completly different.
Down on the beach one summer morn
Has Anyone Noticed:
Reflections of a Mirror Surface
Hard/Soft vore? Need f/
Woot List ((open to everyone))
Friend or foe?
Quick 1on1 (full)
Fire Leaves [Please Join!]
You Must Obey (Yaoi Slave x Master Rp) (OPEN! NEEDS PEOPLE!!)
From the shadows and into the light. 1x1
Sarah and Jasper In Love?
Bored ninja kid Need Girl for 1X1 rp
<3Yuri OnexOne<3
So Bored...((full))
how much longer? (1x1) need boy
Tokyo godfathers..
Single romance rp 1X1
The Tournament of Wrath
Moonlit Schooldays [[1x1 Twilight Guy requested >.>]]
Her little toy~ NEED GIRL/Master (1x1)
bored out of my mind! (1x1) GUY NEEDED BADLY!!!
1x1 Bored...guy needed...eheh, romance.
The Sign Said: Open (1x1)
PLEASE -join- NEED GIRL. 1x1
neko 1 on 1 need girl
NEW 1 on1
Summer '09
A Night That Never Ends.
HIGH SCHOOL!!! ((NEED GUYS! No more girls!!! ))
Forbidden (NEW!!! Needs more characters)
the fall of Dravir
Angel Agents.....( PLZ JOIN)
Bossy Undead Guy*Need 2 Guys*
someone to hold and love (closed)
Magical School of romance *ANYONE CAN JOIN WHOS NOT A HUMAN*
Slytherin Romance.
In the orphanage…
i give up im tyerd of life~still needs people~
Academy Of the Arts
Just being bored. XD ((OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!))
OOC: Attacked Again
Roleplay School. [ Please Join Needs Guys and Girls ]
0.27 seconds till the race ...(NEED PEOPLES!)
A Rainy Place ((guy needed))
1x1? (Guy needed.)
Really bored..... (need guy)
wow im bored
Adventures of a Space Waitress .:1x1:. Need Male
Word Association
Neverland (need people)
DarkBlood Wars ~need characters!!~
AAR Trouble
Kissed by a vampire.(One on One.)
Victory is Ours.
Dragon Lands
Victory is Ours.
Lordy, I would LOVE a few literate/advanced role players. (:
The Main Den (OOC for the Glade Pack)
the night fire is still burning (needs campers)
Random Land... just join (closed)
Neko 1x1 Open
Her little toy~ NEED GIRL/Master (1x1)
Painesville Ohio
Fallout:Judgement Day
Her little toy~ Need girl/Master (1x1)
The looking Glass Cult
Time for a change?-1x1 Need female.
Rima x Shiki (1x1) need shiki!
your little slave 1X1 need girl who will actualy b a good master.
The deadly wild {OPEN}
Her little toy~ NEED GIRL/Master (1x1)
1 on 1 rp
Can a deamon find love?
Late night Detecive with Nr. Neko O.O (GETINTHEVANWEHAVECANDY..dont ask)
Death Twins (OPEN Need people!)
Rain on the edge
A city at night {closed}
Her little toy~ Need girl/Master (1x1)
Here, invisible to be...

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