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Roleplay Listing Page 169

Dont love me... (( one Xone ))
Bound by Rage And Chains. 1x1
My Perfect Capture (Yaoi)
the wizards plane (closed)
Juggalo Vampire Biggz
Vampire Destiny
[Closed] No Love For A Mere Crow (1x1)
Carpe Noctem High School (NEW! NEED RPERS!)
*NEW*Xaviers Acadamy....(join,needs guys now)
Orphan house (JOIN ^^)
Dark Beliefs
Nekos v.s. purebreds
there can be torture
Is Love worth Death --Need People--
An Age Old War At Its Ends-Needs Tons of Peoples-
Mercury Keytarow
Slave Market. Need Females And Males.
One on One-- Boy needed!
Heaven and Hell [semi-literate.] NEED PEOPLE
Won't Someone help me? --PLEAS JOIN. NEW. OPEN--
Rivals or Lovers? [One on One][CLOSED]
{{Yaoi}} Get in the Slammer?
Interdimensinal War! (War RP)
Anything....just suggest something
Lemon Vs Lime -Needs more people-
Alice Syndrome
Bounty hunter vs theif ! (need guys)
mine(1x1 closed)
Killing for fun (Need people)
The Rebellion Pt 1 (Needs People)
The Forgotten Incident of Al Jareeza
High School Never Ends (PEASE JOIN BRAND NEW!!!)
Midnight Mansion >New! Mains needed!<
Dance of death 1X1 Guy needed
An Strange Imprinting (1x1 Romance)
1 x 1 --yaoi-
1x1 Yaoi!!!! (Closed)
Soul Eater RP-- Join if you're cool!
Fun For A Night-Need Female Slave! 1x1
Fun For A Night 2-Need Female Slave! 1x1
Tonight (1X1) needs guy
Revenge is Sweet
Creator 1x1 ((Full))
One on One Rp Any One? Pretty Please Join Some One!
An Twisted Attraction
Friends let you cheat on em in a test, but True Friends help you hide bodies *New*
Magical pride (*NEEDS PEOPLE*)
a new life and new begining ((1x1))-closed-
Haunted House
Redemption story
Manifest Destiny
:+: Muffled Screams :+: [Closed]
Manifest Destiny OOC
Manifest Destiny (Needs People!)
Its early and im bored. RP WITH ME! (need guys)
Final flight
radio free roscoe
For Tom
Dead City (zombie rp, please join :3)
Lets "do it"
Wolf Of The Night [Restarted]
IM NOT INSANE!!! (Manhunt)
1x1 Brain Storm(closed )
World of Warcraft
Cardcaptor Sakura Roleplay, Syaoran is Taken already.
fallen gods ( join. lotsa gods and godesses left )
Emo School Life
His Sweet Blood (Yaoi 1x1)
the pet slave ((1x1 full))
Cookies!! ((closed))
Namines love..(1x1 Male)
Londons Burning. (1X1 Guy Needed)
Black Rabbits & Mood Rings
Boarding school pleassse joinnnnn :)
Dark,Deadly and alone(1x1 Stardust and me only)
shy_girl x
shy_girl x
A freak's love (1x1)
A Reaching Hand 1x1
The Demon Disciples -Join!!! Needs Beranabus!-
Cabin Romance (1x1 Closed)
Finding Passage
Twilight roleplay(open..need charecters.please join)
*Twilight renew (((NEEDS PEOPLE))))*
Sweet Dreams {open}

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