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Roleplay Listing Page 171

Twilight Wolf Love Open Need A Bella!
Advertise any roleplays needed to be advertised? Advertise them here!
War is on all fours
An Imprint at First sight (1x1 Romance)
The new girl...((guy needed))
Twilight (Not like the actual book! xD Everyone Join!)
Her little toy~ Need girl/Master (1x1)
Naruto comes to the real world
Twisted Heaven in Timeless Hell Academy (Paused)(Need guys)
Hidden village of blood
Can you see me now? (Yaoi. Teacher is needed! Please Join!)
A little more than strange
An New Romance (1x1 Twilight)
Hinata x anyone (naruto 1x1 JOIN)
1 on 1 Rp Any One? [closed]
Your Guardian Angel (New 1x1 need girl)
The nameless ((FULL))
Neko 1x1 (Closed)
Soldier's Secret
Summer Love [1x1] **closed**
final fantasy 7:advent children
Treasure Town ~Mafia RP~
Paused{ A young girl looks for the love of her life {CLOSED}
One x One (High school Romance)
One on one.
The Unluckiest day (Different Path) -Closed-
Vampire Academy -closed-
Solitude Within its Walls
Romance, Needs A Guy. 1x1
Anyone wanna?
{un et un} Vampire Werewolf Human {maybe more?}
Demon Roleplay. [ Evil And Good Are Welcome] Vampires.
His Girl [ Girl needed ]
so we love
Hogwarts: Life before the chosen.
ANYTHING!!! i'm so bored. please join
Two Pokemon Trainers adventures
Death note game
His Dolls
Night Walker
Anime/Manga High School RPG ((remake))
Romance(1x1)(need guy)
Runaway Kids (New! Need People! :D )
Twilight Need Mains
Multi Coloured Paper
Peace of Mind
hogwarts and the dark wizards
Namine & Roxas Love Rp (1x1)
Ministry of Moral Security
One on One Rp Any One? [closed]
Bellas Lover Need a bella
What an argument. (Taken)
Starting Out. (Pokemon)
Welcome to the show (Electric needed)
The Seeker The Dark is Riseing Open
Forbidden Feelings (OnexOne) (Need Guy)
High School...For Twins only?
Hell ReBiNdInG*ppl needed,come if u dare*
A Soldier's Secret
One x One Rp Any One?[closed]
Mutation {I love people.}
snake blood ( still needs people)
A different type of romance {boy needed}
War of the Werewolves 1x1 (Taken)
Cranston Night 1x1 closed Lina Cyle
Pokemon: a new frontear (new needs people)
Dog Eat Dog World (The Dogs World) OoC
ONExONE (Yaoi)
Her little toy~ Need girl/Master (1x1)
The Cullen
The Ghost Of You [1x1] [girl needed]
Her little toy~ Need girl/Master (1x1)
Some ne join (need female)
Death is amongst us... (new, need people, PLEASE JOIN THIS RP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )
1x1 romance -closed-
Falling (Gabriel)
Rude Awakening from Daydreams [[Closed]]
The Vamp Dance Strip{Really People needed}
new one on one any one
The School
School for all
Enter the fem hulk
Midnight Chronicles. [open]
A New Life With Pirates
Shakugan No shana Roleplay[Don't ask to join, just pop in and post]

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