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Roleplay Listing Page 177

Yaoi 1x1 .: Need at least semi-literate male :.
Yaoi 1x1 .:Full:.
Yaoi Mansion~ .: Need Ukes and Semes :.
Needs people for Hunger!!!
What A lazy Cat 1X1
The Penguin Mafia (Please Join)
Prisoner in your arms ~{Closed}~
do you...love me ? ( 1x1)(need perverted girl.XD)
anyone up for a 1x1 talk here and we will make one)
my cat is human?(one on one
bored want to rp
my babysitters o.o (need girls) (remake of babysitters needed)
Twilight (Nessie's story)
war is hell (Needz ppl)
The Assassin Creed
Twilight Next Generation
Surrounded By The Dark
Chat straight up
.: Wire in the Blood II - The Black Widow :. ~ [Open] Guy Needed, And Others
The Rise of the Elements {{The Saga}} !@#$NEEDS LOTS OF PEOPLE$#@!
The Fall (1x1 Closed)
OOC? for anyone who wants to talk (ask to spam!!!!!!!)
Your Guardian Angel
Bring me to life. (1x1 NEED BOY!!!)
The School of the Midnight Dance(Remake need people)
Harry Potter After the Epilouge. (Remake.)
Neko Maid and Master(1x1)(Opened)
The dark knight
Crazy or Brilliant?(Closed)
Pain Of Eternal Love 1x1
A Good Fresh Start
Looking for love
one on one {need girl}
Ive 4gotten
~Crazy or Brilliant? ~~closed~~
Peace or.... 1x1 male needed
Fantasy/Adventure RP All Welcome
Mission Failure
Marrige sucks [closed]
elemental high (need RPers)
~After Class~
Slave Rp 1X1 (closed now.)
Into the Sun *New*
For my pictures! [Leave comments on them if you want!!]
Wicked Lovely -1x1- Male Needed
Mello x Near (For Tay and Alex)
Sunset Creek *New*
1x1 Romance {{Closed}}
Death Touch(1x1)
love for all(needs girl)
The Morganville Vampires (By Rachel Caine(:) 1x1 My version
1x1 (CLOSED) roudevous
Insane Asylum (OneXone) (closed)
Orphanage For the Homosexual Children.(Yaoi/Yuri Need orphans!)
A victim of rape
Prom Night (closed)
Maximum Wolf (Naruto/wolf RP) (NEED PEOPLE)
1x1 (CLOSED) Summer Secret
Roommates Restarted! ((4 spots open)) need 2 guys and 2 girls
Slave -1x1- Looking for male
1x1 Kidnapped?! {Girl plz}
Forbidden Love 1x1 >>Need Girl>> <<Mature?<<
1x1 of Awesomeness! {CLOSED}
Sphere Legend {JOIN, JOIN, JOIN!!!!!}
Vampire Contract (the world hates me T.T)
Koubashii oyobi Henteko ~Yaoi~ *needs more people!!!*
ZOMBIE Apocalypse!!! --Need five people, will start 1x1 and add
WildFang (Maximum Wolf and Final fantasy-the lost pups OOC)
~Club love~ (1x1) need guy!!!!!
--Yaoi--Brought Together By Force
War For Middle-earth RP
War for Middle-earth RP
{what happens when} Twilight {Nessie is grown up?}
juvy!!!*NEW>>>NEEDS PPLZ BADLY!!!*
The OOC for all who want in. No oocers. Joking. Or am I? No, seriously...
Emo Love -Yaoi, Yuri, Straight-
Star-Spangled Furs
Save me from sleep (1x1 need guy)
New Girl...... New School [1x1 Need A Boy Badly]
Get out of My Head! (Needs guy 1x1)
One Final Stand (JOIN)
Ingenious Or Insane?(Closed)
La mente dei vecchi, degli organi di giovani...The minds of old, bodies of young

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