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Roleplay Listing Page 180

Shattered Resistance (Re-making. Auditions are open, and filling spots later on)
Ember City(1x1)
Stranded -1x1 closed- (M)
Fruits Basket: a New Generation
Naruto The Legend of the Black Mist OPEN
Gods have feelings too...
This is How You Remind Me *Open!*
Recomidation to the Site
Room Mates [1x1 Need A Boy]
A Second Chance (1x1 need guy)
1x1 yuri(needs a girl ^-^)
High School Dance
Love Rp - Guy needed
New girl in town (Yuri oneXone)
The Faeries Ball
Welcome To The Family Business (Open)
A Sliky And Red Dress(need male)
Vampire Academy -revisited-
~New Generation of Heroes~Need people!
Dorm Room Mix-up
Dorm Room Mixup [1x1]
ramdom shit
Sephy and Gabii (closed)
My fanfic writing with friends. lol
Midnight club >>Rpers needed<<
1x1 (open)
( Yoai- Need a Guy!) Opposites Attract
Heart of Ice? (onexone)
Naruto Mix ((Open)) needs mains
Raltia Tsido! 1x1!!
resident evil :the horror , back to life!
Sakura and Sasuke 1X1 Destiny's forgotten! *Sasuke needed*
1x1 yaoi full
Suki Desu
A Best friends Love (1X1) FULL
slave shop( males ask)(needs owners badly)
We cant Hold it!
I Doubt it...... (1X1 Need a guy)
Royal Flush 1x1 (guy needed)
Is it really you? (1x1) ((CLOSED))
A Gunsman Worst Fear {CLOSED}
1x1 rp, full
For the Love of Them 1x1
Love is a battlefield. 1x1 {Girl Needed! ^^}
1x1 (Vampire and Human)
Virgin Alexandria
Weird Science
(open.) 1x1 Romance. (Needs dude.)
Enter Akrid {A Lost Planet RP}
Student-Teacher Confidentiality{Closed}
2 Slaves, 1 Master?? {Closed}
A Master of Many Slaves! {Closed}
A Voice with No Heart (JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!)
My Names Moriko (1x1)
Anime High
The stars were watching. (oneXone Full)
A Dream of Nightmares
White sun(a beast in human form)
Come And See(1X1)
Can a Neko Live Free?
You, me, and the Unexpected. (1x1 Yaoi) *Full*
The Verge of a change.
Dark Days(1x1)[closed]
I want more mood ring to read more then red 1x1 -guy needed-
Magicz Shop
Gang Slave ((Need 4 GUY Gang Members))
The Vampire Ball
Question for a new RP I'm making
I HATE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyone wanna rp?
Clash of warbands.
Can not take me -closed-
Lets learn (1x1 yuri!)
Redward Academy
(restarted) a neko and human
Vampire Knight Yaoi
wild sex [girls only]
new love 1x1 need guy!
The Girl Slave [1x1 Boy Needed Please]
~Yaoi 1x1 (Private rp) ~
Land of the Fallyn <Open>
ass and tits

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