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Roleplay Listing Page 182

Anime Chibi OOC/RP!XD
An ordeal to last a Millenium (D.GRAY-MAN RP) (JOIN PLEASE)
Chibi 1x1
Vampires.....maybe even twilight
Elemental City
Halloween Town <1 on 1>
+Wolfs Rain+ At Worlds End...
Anything please I'M SO BORED!!! rp with me!!!
dark cross
Roses 1x1 -need guy-
Vampires and Human
Never Fall in Love ((NEED BOY!))
The Wake
Demon war
Degrassi: The Next Generation
Death's Grasp
A New Chance[closed]
Some demon love 1x1 (Closed!)
Abnormally strange
MCR fanatics! 1x1
idk what im doing buut...
Love Rp 1X1
Protected love (Werewolf rp)(could use some vampires)
No one Makes me feel like you do (1x1)
*Roses1x1* need guy
1x1....x1 (onexone closed)
House for nekos! (OPEN) Remmake!! That means you Aztook,Kiki,and Yuri!
Old Friends, New Love OOC
Death note
The Breakfast Club Continues
Monster high
Resisting The Evil. ((NEED PEOPLE))
Mowsy Mans Funderland
new girl in town((needs 4 guys)) *restarted*
1 on 1 rp anyone?
The Curse. 1x1x1x1 ((CLOSED))
1 x 1 Yoai
Running From Her Demons
cosplay NEED HELP
OOC For Alathrea
Stockholm Syndrome (Romance/Suspense) CLOSED
After School
I can handle pain until it hurts
anything RP
<3Yuri OnexOne<3 Need girl
Cursed1x1 [-closed-]
All Is Fair In Love And War
Oh yes, there will be blood. (Saw II rp!)
Sanctuary(OOC For Demon World)
Galdquin ~{OOC}~
Midnight Masquerade(Midevil Rp)
Kiki Sweets Is In Your NeighborHood
What was her name?
forbidden love<1x1> full
Pokemon 1x1 anyone?
Pokemon Academey
The Cement Garden -New Please Join-
Teenage Love 1x1 need a guy
In Love With A Neko [1x1] ^^
Deserted (Romance/Drama)
10 Friends, 1 cabin {Full}
Mellow mellody joinage in need
naruto (need rps)
In Times When Fighting Was Nesscesary...(Midevil Rp)
Franco German War
*OCC* *What happens in Soulreaper Socieity... Stays with Soulreapers*
Naruto akatsuki story(needs people)
Loves Trickery( Closed)
*X-Men* ((New and needs PEOPLE Classic Characters))
Forgotten Ones (love story)
Opera Of The Masked Maiden
Group Pictures
loves twists and turns (one on one) (closed)
Foundry of the Pervs
Highschool For Everyone [open]
neko village
Hunters (New Remake)
First Kiss 1x1
Pregnant.. (1x1)
Happily Ever..... 1x1
Summer School
Ice Clan Spy ((full))
this twisted lie (need RPers)
The Lotus Samurai: Herdio (PLZ JOIN)
Kidnapped Royalty(Closed)

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