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Roleplay Listing Page 187

Bella and Esme
Kali and Me!
Tears of the Dark sun
The Bachelorette(s)
~Jake and Nessie~(need jake)
The hang out. ((OOC for Neiborhood secrets))
Thievry, Feasts and Taverns
The brothers grim OOC (for me and my brother)
Monster Love(Closed)
Yaoi 1-1 Open Need Guy
Tsukina the crossdressing vampire (private version)
Highschool (needs rpers)
Beyond the story.((Please Join!!!!!:3))
Cyber Love (1x1)
W.W.U: pack two alpha needed!
Peace Orginization. ((OOC for Beyond the story!))
Cold Hearted(needs rpers!)
Above the Underworld [1x1] {closed}
Explosions that Rock Mansion (open)
Cabin Romance RP(1x1 closed)
Harsh Girl (1x1 Closed)
Wanna rp (1x1 closed)
Mind of a Killer. (Open.)
family guy!!!
Six Teens Under One Roof OOC
Caught Out
Weirdest day ever!! (1x1) GUY NEEDED!!!!
vampire school
The Curtain Call _.:Literate:._
A lonely girl(1x1..need guy)
Elf Walk
Dojo Mania [Naruto rp] (needs mains and akatsuki)
Dojo Mania OOC
The Curtain Call OOC
~Irish War~(3 guys 2 girls NEEDED>
Sparks Will Fly (1x1)
OPEN the secret school (needs rpers)
The Pub (Chat)
Ghost in Life <1x1 romance/action RP... closed>
Random... Bored... Need I say more? 1x1 CLOSED
AT boards (Air Gear rp NEED AGITO!)
Property of the Gentleman_ [[Closed]]
A Mix of The Forbidden (Join Please)
NEw one on one any way
Summer Camp! Ooc
Jamesland OOC For the Rp
{Nessie is all} Twilight {Grown up}(Needs Nahuel/Jake)
Killer instinct
A lonesome girl(need mom badly!)
The Slave Girl
The Slave Girl
House of Yaoi
Insane or Ingenious? (1x1 Closed)
Yaoi OnexOne
Blood Talon [NEED PEOPLE](*Mature Content*)
Twins Town(need rps)
[Temari's] [Fan] [Naruto rp] [Needs Shikamaru]
OOC, Anything and Anywhere!
When time tears
Gold Heart: Search for Love and Gold
Adoption Home (Join whenever you feel. :D)
Need People for GOLD HEART!!!
The Forgotten (need RPers)
School Secrets
Yaoi (needs RPers)
Final Fantasy- The Lost Pups (RESTARTED please join)
The Love that Binds (mature no sex) (1x1) (closed)
Ancient Apple
1x1 needs guy(closed)
Kururugi Boarding School
An Love Of all Ages (NEED GIRLS BADLY!!!)
Final fantasy (my version)(always open)
Final fantasy (my version)(ooc)
The Event
celestial school for all mythical creatures (always open)(restarted)
Haunting Dreams (Vampire Roleplay) (New, Please join)
Awakening the Dead (1x1 vampire need guy)
Haunted house
[Cross] [Acadamy] [Night school]
a secret with wings
To be abused by love.... than to be bitten by another...

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