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Roleplay Listing Page 189

will they be friends((needs pllz!!!)) *restarted*
Stranded love...(Yaoi)
The Bachelor(needs rpers)
I Want A Good 1x1 RP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! (need guy)
eragon 1X1
Trapped in a nightmare
Fangs v.s. Fur
knight v.s dark-knight
Skeleton Creek ((Needs People))
Prom Night
OOC for Family Issues
1 x 1 -yaoi-
high school *need people*
Oh My Family!((full))
Sit and Stay! 1x1 Yaoi
Daunting Circumstances NEED MALE VAMP
falling inlove with a vampire -1x1- (need male rper)
30 Days(1x1 Closed)
To Save A Life
Dormatory chaos (join need people!!!!!)
avatar:last airbender new beginning (open)
Nice play or hard play up to you.....
Thirsty and Looking
pic testing
~When You Love A Red Head~ [YAOI STORY]
Wait this isn't a school for humans!?!?
OOC for Twins Town(members only)
Skaters Unite!!!!!(JOIN PLEASE!!!!!!)
NEW!!! (Check this out!)
Dog of the Military (FMA RP 1x1)
don't join
secrets dont make friends (1x1 closed)
Pokemon region ZEX. (no more openings)
Clumsy Assassins. [Need characters!]
Ocean View HighSchool
Lust for My blood -______- closed
Fighting the new girl (1x1 NEED GUY!!!)
The School for Heiresses
Gallagher Academy
the most epic OOC ever
Bon Qui Qui Fun House
Trapped in a nightmare
Final Fantasy VII: Exceeding Dirge {Continuation of FFVII Series
1x1 Anyone? {Need Girl}OPEN
Blitheful Introduction {Open: Need 3 People! [2 girls 1 guy]:3
Earths Destruction (anyone may join) (need rpers)
Avatar:The new fire bender new beginning (open)
1x1 Vampire (Males preferrably)
Mdnight Sun (The new addiitiion to the twilight saga)
Super human flat share
New Moon
Humans & Vampires...Living together? o.0. ~!@$^-!!Please Join!!-^$@!~
The new nekko 1 on1 #
What The Devil Wants (Need 1 Main Guy & The Devil)
1x1It can't be love? Can it?(MAle Rper needed)
Absolute Boyfriend: Riiko and Night's Date
Teens Washed Up...((Don't ask to join..Just do!))
Academy For The Elementals(New,Needs Students)
The Awsome Random Chat of Awsome Randomness!!!!
mythical high (open)
Define 'Normal.'
Crystal Orphanage *Anyone*
Trapped in school
a werewolf's love -1x1- (need guy )
Avenue Q
Elemental Alchemy (join please!! FMA rp!!!)
Alice and Jasper.
OOC for Family Issues
Zoey 101
Save Yourself. Save Them.
Lilium (1x1) -full-
But we were so careful. (1x1) Really need guy!
When We Were Young
one on one
I cant be saved. (JOIN!! Need Guy)
So I Can Kiss You Whenever I Want (one on one)
One on One~Kidnapping~
Picture Finder!
BORED out of my mind! (1x1) SOMEONE NEEDED BADLY!!!
The Secret Life of an American Teenager
Open rp, open to ideas.
Expect the unexpected
I will Protect You.....(need male)
It's Just Highschool

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