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Roleplay Listing Page 192

1x1 Girl needed
1x1 Girl needed
1x1 Girl needed ((Please, One Female Needed!!))
Dragon Ball Z: a new journey (Closed)
Romance RP : D
Anything Rp for CeeCeeCinimanbuns and JakeyLollipop and Me!!
School of Hidden Magic
Story of an outcast Drow *New, Please join!*
Supernatural. Evolved.
damnit, someone rp with me! (closed)
Princess of Theives
The Fallen Angel
Supernatural, Evolved OOC.
Supernatural.Evolved OOC
(1x1) apostolos and travisty only (sorry)
OOC For Two Fantabulously Spectacular RPs.
Theiving Princess. (1x1 NEED GUY!!!!!!!!!!)
bored and wanted to chat any one can join
Soul Reaper Acadamy
the girl next door 1x1=open=
In love with a nurse??!!
MY Love 1x1 (Closed
Transformer 1 & 2
THE NEW CULLEN (need seth and carlisle)
We Are Broken 1x1 - closed-
Typical highschool
1x1 RP (needs a guy)
(1x1 Open) Heart of Stone...(male Rper needed!)
A Forgotten Promise [Closed]
1x1 RP (need a guy)
Twilight: The Twilight/New Moon Revamp (Needs mains)
((1x1 Dude Needed)) Heart of Stone
Van Helsing
Anime convention! JØIN OR THE KITTY GOES!
(1x1) rp with a literate guy wanted.
:+:Wanderers:+: (( A Fantasy Roleplay))
In the Hands of the Gods
Heaven is not Merciful... (((NEED RPERS!!!)))
1x1 RP [full]
((Need guy, CLOSED!))
Mingle. Chat. Hang.
1x1 RP (need guy ^-^)
Living Dolls...(please join people >.<)
a kngiths healer -1x1
Masquerade(1X1 Guy NEEDED)
It is a funny thing..Love(1x1 Guy Needed!)
bounty hunter and his target 1x1 needs boy
ninja love (neji and tenten rp NEED GUY)
BloodLust ((Humanxvampire Yaoi))
VampirexHuman Rp???
Yaoi 1x1 ?
Yaoi 1x1 (Full)
Truth or Dare?(1x1x1)[[CLOSED]]
Neko Neko Neko....
I WANT MY PROFESSOR!!! (vampire/people needed)
For the bounty (need people!!!!!!)
High School Opposites attract ((Need guy))
P A S S I O N (Yaoi 1x1)
P A S S I O N (Yaoi 1x1)
P A S S I O N (Yaoi 1x1)
Gone... (Needs 2 more guys!)
Gang Slave ((Need 4 GUY Gang Members))
Graphics Chat
The Big Brother Mansion
a complete start over on life (restarted!!! neeeds pplz!!!)
My sins..(FMA RP 1x1closed)
1x1 { Need Guy!!!} {{ Join!!!}}
Ninja Nights (M)
Blood Slave (m)
Soul Mates closed 1X1
Shadows Dance on their Own ~New~
Lie To Me! Lie To Me!~((Yaoi))~
Bloody seal.. (please join)
High School Opposites attract ((Need guy))
A World of Dragons and Nekos
Yaoi Slaves ~Please join!~
OnexOne (( Closed ))
Night Walkers (M)
P A S S I O N (Yaoi 1x1)
A school For Nekos and other creatures. >PLZ JOIN!!!>
Neko Please? ((needs a Neko))
Blood Slave (m)
Chibi 1x1(needs girl)
Im Only Yours.... (m)
demon and knight -open-
Sex Slave((Male needed!))NEW!!
Murderdoll (1x1)

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