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Roleplay Listing Page 197

Blood Lust((Anyone May Join))
Alice (The real Alice)
mad house(needs people!!!)
Kill Her!! ((NEED PEOPLE PLZ!))
out of boredom ***Anyone can join!!!***
The Holy War(Fate/Stay night RP)
Friends Forever... 1x1 *Guy Needed* *OPEN*
A City Underground
1x1 need guy
Surviving (Wolf pack rp)
True Love
Resident Evil: All Hope is Gone-Mature Content (based off of R.E. 4)
The Haunted House (Needs people GUYS AND GIRLS)
Elite Outcasts [Punkλ☠Lollipop]
Managers of Mischief (Marauders Era, Harry Potter)
Back in the Day (Closed)
look but dont touch (full i think)
"Do I Know You?"(Inuyasha rp)needs kouga
the crazy family
anyone there....? [3x3 rp]
Teen Hardships
Practically Indestructable...
school for the gods and godesses.
Moon Child (Full)
Anyone up for just a plain old family Rp?
Anthropic Mutation.
Moon Child (Full.)
1x1 needs a guy(PLEASE JOIN!!!!)
1x1 (needs girl, open)
1x1 (needs girl, open)
slave shop(anytype of anime pic NEW and need masters)
Woo this is freaky!
The Move. (( Needs people! Please join!))
Moon Child (1x1) [Need an Rper]
Just Your Maid...(Guy Nobleman needed, 1x1)
Master of The House!(1x1)
are there any good rp's out there
Another CInderella Story (Please Join!
looking for twin rp
Awww I don't know (yaoi
Awww I dont know.
6 Friends, 6 Years, 6 Promises
Moon Child [ Full ]
creature creature.***NEW*** >>>>need ppl!!<
I am...darkness.
i know im famous but god leave me alone(started but still open)
Hidden Star Village
Into the Night ((Anyone Can Join *NEW*))
1x1 needs a guy(closed)
Sry but i cant touch you ((Closed))
The fallen angel family ( People needed badly someone please join ^^ )
Naruto & Friends Attend HighSchool.
Raccoon City, September 22, 1998
Naruto,Goes To HighSchool..NEW Join!!!
Naruto The Heroes Path (inspired by Revan) Open To All
Private rp(1x1 Closed!!!!!!)
OOC for *Neko Slaves*
Neko Camp >>>>NEW PLEASE JOIN<<<<
Naruto Shippuden
Forced To Find Love ((NEEDS 2 GUYS PLZ!!
The Third Brother [[Inuyasha RP]]
Silent Death
Hope for Earth (open)
Female Love Need Second Girl!
KageTora. [One On one. Male needed.]
1x1 (open, girl needed)
This is a school???
Country farm girl... meet city rich boy *New! Please join!*
1x1 Vincente and TinyButterfly ((PRIVATE))
"be a slave or be free!"
St. Lucia Girls Academy - Meichans Butler
Tori And Cray Fighting Over Who Gets Boy
Band designer. (need guys please!!!!!)
Jaces, Danny, and Kyos batcave !
L0ve srike!
the punk and the prep ((full one on one))
ROLE PLAY 1X1 kudsai
nobody cares,....
1x1 Kidnap!!!!
***1 on 1*** >>needs a boy<<>>plz join!!<<>>

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