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Roleplay Listing Page 2

Dracoby's school
Pain Of Eternal Darkness
hating this life
A Vampire's Hidden Secrets.
Elithia Corrupted
The Crusade
Krystal Flames
Demon World(need girl
A single Sin (Remake)
Loveless High School
♠Red And White Roses School♠
Aoi High School
Against all odds
school for bloodsuckers
Oh, THAT School...
Demons At Night
The End
Gene Complex
The Jolly Race
best night ever wish i could remember it
The Desires of Your Heart
Pixie Dust
Skidou High
The new naruto
Who are you?
The black flame.
Romance fighting school rp
Holiday camp
Dance of the laughing god
Eden's Stone
[Open] Is anyone on?
About Highschool Rps...
iz anyone there
a pirates life for me,
Blood Aesthetic
The Recall of Geadine's Children
Frozen earth
Humanity's Last Stand
Kraethan, city of the doomed
Blood Rose
Black Magic
Fantasy: Medieval
Swope Middle School-Going into Ring H.S.
Zero Time
dark city
Broken Black Rose Inn
the girl
the soldier
Venge-full Tears © 2007 to Roseyness™
do you see...?
First Love
Battle of music (may contain R material)
Dark Spire
The Faded Aura
Battleground of the worlds
Killing Time
What now?
The School of Division
The Rose, The Thorn & The Stem
Falling for a Neko....
Neko World
The Darkest Day
Vampire Knight [Renewed]
The Kingdom of Keple
Requesting Characters for an RP!
Witches and Sorceres!
Guardian Angel
A Forced Love
-Awkward Silence-
Killing My Lover
High school....
Sorrowfull Whispers
Blood Eyes
An Oath to Remembrance
wiccan life
Collage Romances (Fun or None)
Red Rose High
Samurai Deeper Kyo

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