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Roleplay Listing Page 209

Things I can't stand ...(Chat/Rant)
Broken (1x1 need guy)
Play With Me
Anime Crossover school~Join~
Vampire high scchool
*New* The Dragon Guardians *NEED People!!*
A tale of shinobi (naruto RP) *join
hardcore college guy on g
The Suicidal School
Autumn Rush
Freakinn' Random OOC!>:O
Vampyre role-play
OHS (outcast high school)
The Warehouse (Open)
Cirque Du Freak OOC
A Vampire
I Love a Vampire (1x1) (Needs Male)
Of Men and Monsters ~New~
The baddest bad villians
the club life baby<1*!1><neeeeed a girl>
Twins in trouble :OOC:
Ouran High School Host Club: Episode 1: Creating the Host Club!
[needs ppl]-Anthuroe- School for the gifted
Naruto Shippuuden
1x1 yuri slave RP [Mature] open
Abnormal Boarding School
Music room #3 {OOC for Ouran High}
Will You Ever Know? [Yaoi 1x1 Open]
Please Not Now...
One on One ^^ ((Closed))
the 4th Queen((need rpers))
[remade ]Roommates [1x1x1] [closed]
the shy boy the sexy vampire
The Most Unlikely Pair.
I need you... (1x1 closed)
~ Black River Vampire Coven ~ Please Join!!
Romantic Vacation on the beach
the hitchhiker (1x1)
one on one romance need a girl
OOC Vampire Knight/Guilty Fangirls!{SPOILER WARNING}"
when two or more gather
City Escape
Random 1x1 XD
Arranged Marriage????!!(1x1 Guy needed xD)
Blood, Death and Honour
the life of noel and Tanis
College of Devils and Angels~Join~
Grape Popsicle ~Yaoi/Yuri~
Poke-love {1x1}
Renkin High
Naruto USA ~Need Akatsuki/Naruto People~
The assassin's choice
looking for a good book
When you find nothing....
[1x1] Love or Fame? {FULL!}
Neko (1x1) for me and Hayli
Run-away Prince
Princess Play thing
The Italiano Lupo. (People Needed!! Especially Queen!!)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire -Needs Canon-
Disappear(Pirate/Sci-fi roleplay ~new~)
living a life
Renkin OOC
The Apostals and Lunarians Fight for Humanity.
west hill OOC
Dream Of Love Chat
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Crash into me.
Heist of a life time (join!)
*High School Fun* (Please Join!!!!!)
Draco & Hermione <1 on 1>
Under One Roof (:
Secret Silence 1x1
War room
Draco & Hermione <1 on 1-Reserved spot>
Draco malfoy love story
Soul Fire (Needs people, Join!)
Draco & Hermione <1 on 1-Reserved spot>
Magic Hurts>:1HxD1:<( Taken) *Yaoi*:::Random:::
Naruto RP
the world is still big, theres just less in it (pirate rp)(we need people)
The Gardens ~Fantasy RP~ Semi-Lit! JOIN!!
Castlevania: The Final Crusade
Human Weapons[NEEDS PEOPLE D:]
Italiano Lupo OOC (come here to ask to join, and OOC)
lions of the lake
Im feeling kinda lonely.
LETS TALK!or not...

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