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Roleplay Listing Page 213

everything changed <1x1> closed
Welcome to the Blood Bath...(For I and a few chosen Allies)
Random roleplay....
The Brightest Futures
Loves Power (Girl Needed)
Slave and master(closed)
1X1 (needs girl)closed
Don't Stop Believin' 1x1
Wanted*Pirates needed*
(Wanna onexone? (need guy)
Ouran Vacation
<1x1> need girl
Opposites Attract. (onexone) Need guy!!!!
shadow high..........
the one that stole my heart....
Its All Make Believe *New* ~Futuristic RP~ ((Needs Peoples!)
a deadly rose
Blue is for nightmares[closed]
Trapped in a house with killers*needs guy killers and regular girlsor boys *
Slave and master 1x1*needs Master*
Blood and Steel
THE sandwich
One on One -Closed-
Harry Potter: Next Generation
One on One?
Vampire rp
Zelda Twilight Princess - The way It shoulda happened.
The island ((Please join, needs crazy murderous people!))
To Be
Twirling Town Cafe .:Still Need Roleplayers!!!:.
Never Again(Needs People)
Ghost Guy
Resident evil:The other T-Virus
From The Ruins (Small private Role Roleplay)
Harry Potter and The Aftermath (Needs more people, and 1 guy OOC)
Razor Edge Roleplay -People Needed-
Fantasy Island
New Roleplay
Shousen no Daisuki
Emo Is Not My Name.
Katana Kid (Need Male or Female Sensei and one male)
For Us Friends....^^
New in town ( JOIN!!! Need Guy!!!)
The girl with the knife. ((Joins are closed if you really want in pm me or beg)
Normal School? I think not. ( join!!!)
Collectors (Open)
Angelique Academy (Restarting)
Sinister Dusk OOC castle
Campus Crush <1 on 1>
Neko Slaves! :New!: -NEED 2 MASTERS-
The White Rose Cafe (yaoi)
assassin war
Music school.
Ultimatum: Secret Keepers
taking pokémon
talking pokemon
Naruto School Rp
Harry potter after deathly hallows
Vampire Knight (new please join)
Vampire Knight (new please join)
Harvest Moon
<..<?????? SORA?????XD ahaha...couldn't resist.....
Getting A Reaction (Full!!)
The racer's girlfriend(1x1)
Trampoline!!!!!! [OOC- anyone can join]
A trapped love from a neko...[NEED PEOPLE]
mikita/Cyrus 1x1
Random OOC.
The beginning is the end is the beginning (full)
Demon Luck...
Dark Angels Grace -1 x 1-
Destine For Death ((NEED GUY(any species)//others WELCOME!!))
[OPEN] Night People
1x1 An Huge Tease (Closed)
The new girl at school
Naruto and Sakura (1 x 1)
The Delinquents Moon Rise
(1x1) a guy is needed.
worl of bleach
Ashton high school
Kill Them
Rock Band (Til Death *prelude to slipknot need manager*)
Newport Dreams
The School Of NOR

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