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Roleplay Listing Page 215

4x4 Small Town(closed)
Girl of Silence
My Made Up Zelda!
The Asylums Secrets
HELP :needs RP
1x1 need guy [OPEN]
Horror (open for anyone)
Kasumo Clan
Sins of the Flesh (Yaoi 1x1) (Closed)
FMA 1x1
Kiyoshi-kokoro [1x1 CLOSED]
CLAMP no kiseki
:]*One x One*[: (Guy Needed)
Hunters fatal flaw -join please-
Cherise cat full
Daisuki senpai
Fuck My Life
Stranded [Girl Needed]
1x1 Yaoi closed
USS Maverick
Boarding School for the Supernatural
Bleach the soul society (need people)
Twin Resort Rp
[OPEN]New Bonds: Highschool..with Supes?
the scene scene
Commoner land. (Ouran host club!!) (Need Two Host Club Members!!!)
New Bonds: Highschool...with Supes? OOC
The Violin Never Plays For Us...
Today could be the best day of your life
*NaruHina One x One* (<Needs naruto>)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (With a Twist)
City Life [CLOSED]
Sk8ter Boi!!!!
Slave girl(full)
Reality House ~ 2 GUYS NEEDED!!!~
One on one anybody?(open)
Oh My!
Lie To Me(Need People Now)
Past Memories, New Jealousies
anime town((plz join))
Dont Call Me Small (Open)
Barely Breathing[Open-New-Join!!!]
The battle of Euratha // Literate! //
I am bored.
Fragile Wings [Need Girl!]
Paper Wings
Barely Breathing Meeting Plaza
Here Comes Goodbye....
bittersweet rakuen 1x1 [CLOSED]
Unwanted slaves
King of Vampires 1x1 [CLOSED]
Wings and the Fox [1x1]
Love me dead
Stepsister (1x1 Closed)
Twilight: So Inlove with 2:Edward NEEDED*semi-literate*
silent hill chronicles:lost hope
Death Note PLEASe JOIN
[1x1 Yaoi] Obsessed, or loved?
False Reflections, Soaked In Moonlight.
School of Romance-Please Join
A Band of Mercinaries and Travelers OOC
Drenket nights *needs people, great place to test new characters*
High in the Air(1x1 Closed)
Deaths Calling Silence Awaits ((Needs People))
Collage of Romance (Any1 can join)
Runescape roleplay
OOC for Death's Calling - The Angel's youth club.
OOC WOOO! For a girl with a knife No more adds for awhile
Ignorance is Bliss
1x1 (Closed)
Battle of Euratha OOC
1 on 1??
Creation Of Freaks- The Circus Welcomes You (Auditions On)
Ghost Stories (( Closed ))
I just heard about this site
nerathia (new need rps)
A New World
May I Have Your Soul ~1x1~
Date with a dragons (needs girl or girls)
child of dream´s....(( onexone...CLOSED))
Favorite Musician.. (Yaoi 1X1) (Literate)
Walking on a different side. (Yaoi) {Need people}
the tournament trials
The Maid 1x1

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