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Roleplay Listing Page 221

Naruto Highschool(restart)
Vampire RP-1x1- OPEN [NEW]
Love Maid -1x1-
Naruto Remix ((Semi-Lit))
Random Death Note RP
the family of the unknown (closed)
One Piece
The Collector (yaoi) 1x1
Death Forest,kill or be killed
My Military Lover (Closed)
Forbidden Love 1X1 Need other male!
Field of Lambs
Forgotten Memories.
The Crow: Vendetta. (New. Needs people.)
The end of the X-men?
Demons Club.
New to the pack
wolf and demon [closed]
Sakku Toppa (Closed)
1x1 Need guy! NEW
the secret weapon (x-men rp)
the swords of sun and moon -open and needs people-
The Dead never really Die
Techno Assasian
Super Sweet (Naruto Yaoi)-OPEN-
Anythingness!! :D
Angel's Toy (Neko) (Need Girl)
1x1 ( Open )
Fantasy, Need 1-5 people :)!
Alone yaoi rp ~1x1 rp~ Closed
OOC chat for everyone! JOIN
beowulf (closed)
Dark wolf tavern .Hangout for the insane . OPEN people needed
The Coming Dark
Redemptionis Terrae
The Future is Dark
Paranormal: The Shade Chronicles
South Point ((Others needed,))
creatures of the dark ocean
The Eternal Fourteen Sins And More(Need all of them)
Imagine Underworld
Forever she runs
Never had a dream come true til now {NEW girl needed]
A Messed Up Highschool
vampire and human love
Night of Blades
1x1(need girl)
Angel 1x1
Light Vs Dark (Need dark angel ^^ 1x1)Semi-literate.
for me and bumcookie
High School~
Hogwarts....(Mains needed,Made-ups accepted!^^)
randomness pharagraph
Dont leave
Destiny Islands {K.H.} Need Characters Please!
The Kingdom of Chaos [more peoples plz? D:]
1x1 [[open]]
Twilight Open Need Mains!
House of Miracles *New* Please Join
A different story: werewolf pack rp [twilight spinoff]
Just Fun
Seans Love (( Yaoi )) ((Open anyone can join ))
Why Wont He Talk? (1x1 Need Guy!)
The life and times of real vampires [Please join, please]
1on1 RP [closed and private]
1x1 (Closed)
Chaos Theory
--Yaoi--oneXone (CLOSED)
Neko-riffic rp. [needs guy]
Never Back Down 2:Armeria's Turn
Change the future? -New- (Needs 2 guys and other ppl)
Chaos Theory OOC CLOSED
Hang Out
Anything really! (1x1?)
The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.(Need Shmuel!Plot will not be exactly the same!)
A roleplay mixed with video games(any type will do like pokemon, metroid, halo etc)
(1x1 Yaoi..Mature)Kidnapped (closed)
Half Jack
Neptune [NEW NEEd PPL]
i hate you... and love you?
Safe Haven Lodge
Field Trip To Hell (OPEN n** Need Guys & Creatures**)
Night(1x1 Guy Vamp TAKEN!)
Gothic 1x1. [Open. Needs guy.]

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