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Roleplay Listing Page 224

As Beutiful as You are (( Yaoi )) ((Closed))
Toy Of Choice. 1x1 -closed-
1x1? -open-needs a guy-
City folk.
Acepting any fights
- One x One Yaoi - Full - Love for a soldier -
Santas helpers
Advertisement City<3 (( And a Free Chat, too ))
Blue Skies: A Link Through Time (1x1)
We are LOST and it's YOUR fault!(1x1)
So what?(Yaoi Guy needed!)
Eragon (Open!! Please Join!!)
Hope Dies Last
FMA: A new begining
A Twist In Fate For Inuyasha and Naruto
A Massive Effect (All slots filled)
Tiny 1x1 (closed)
He was a Ghost (( 1x1)) ((close ))
black shirt gang
I Need A Fun Yaoi 1x1!!
Island Of Death
The Wammy Kids *Death Note rp*
Her Name Is Unknown
Take My Hand
Maya and Kite! OCC!
OnexOne | Closed
1x1 Yaoi closed
The Remedy or The Poison?
(NEW!-JOIN)basic training&military warfare(open)
1x1 Romance (Closed)
I'm New ( Need Some Hot Guys )
- One x One Yaoi - Open - Please join! -
Time to Forget - Need 2 people - Open [1M/1F] -
HighSchool Summer
1x1 - Open*
Final Fantasy???
ranodm military testing
Roleplayers Anonymous
One x One - (Girl or Guy!)
Daughter of Inuyasha ((Restarted))
Looking for a long term RP..
Fantasy 1x1?
2x2(Need a guy!^^)
Calin And Sammy OOC!!!
one on one need a girl
chat with the romance king looking for a girl
vampires night xx
The Pirate(Anyone may join Boy Girl)
Beneath This Mask....(1x1)
Looking for a Literate 1x1?
The Hike- 2x2 ((Need 1 guy))
Reignage Academy.
You Work(1x1)
Every Corner (need boy-kid)
Anyone For A OneXOne???
The Children Of Naruto Needs People Please!!!! Read Settings
Sweet tooth So far his story/bio
(1x1 Yaoi)My birthday present is a neko...boy?
Your fault(Guys needed xD straight or Yaoi doesn't matter)
demon wars Ooc.
Death Note
Horrible Holiday [2 x 2 Closed]
High School Summer 2009 (2 guys & 1 girl)
The Loner Gets Married ((guy needed))
Precious Poison (1x1)
Vampire and His Angel. - Closed
Black Dog Bounty Hunting Service
Born in a Burial Gown [Open)
Naruto Remix OOC
Friends from long ago. ^~^ ((Listal friends.->OOC))
Embrace The Power (A Covenant Spin Off)
Anything for a Reaction. (full)
Invisible Beauty
Boredom...Sucks!! ((full))
Lost Memories (onexone Mayarain & Glich75) takoon and Jay-Jay
the other survivors (NEWW)
CODE GEASS -need mains-
Aizens Daughter [Bleach] (need boys/Espada/Arrancars badly)
(1X1) need girl
The Vampire and the Were Wolf [closed]
When Darkness Falls (The Sun will Die, continuation of W.D.F We are reborn [vamps])
(open) Future warfare/battles(1x1)
Back Again [closed]
Bloodless Dawn - Active Naruto Rp. Please join.

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