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Roleplay Listing Page 230

First There's the Light.....Then the Bang (War RP.)
Love Can Kill
Closed to an awesome person!
Get Down & Dirty - 1x1 [ Open ]
Tis closed I sowwy
1x1 (closed)
Bleach Unlimited
The Scorpion Lover (Yaoi-Taken!!)
I need Drugs Welcome home OOC!
Yuri Take Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Yuri Group! (Open OCC)
Assassination RP (OOC)
1x1 ((Closed))
The Boy Toy~ 1x1
Killing The Wrath
Hero in training (A Smallville rp)
The Theiving Princess (1x1 NEED LIT GUY!!!)
Killing The Wrath ( One x One ) Need A Rper!!
Love Neco * For Danny And Calin!!*
the furry slave market
Life Is A Show
1x1 need guy
OneXOne? Anyone?
1x1 Love Rp.
OnexOne Literate!-closed-
Little Miss Noble(1x1 Guy Needed!)
Reality crash. (PLEASE join XD Open NEW))
the mercenary code[looking for awsome characters]
Reality crash OOC (Pleas join the actual RP)
Dragostea OOC
Fem hulk love story
The Blade Masters
OOC Hookup ;-)
Theiving Princess (1x1 full!!!)
A Neko Family OCC
Demons on Earth ((New ... Please Join!))
needing a rp!!
Freaks! *new* ~join!!~ -need guys! and girls!-
One On One.....
pup in new care or horrable people might be gental hands?
The Slave(1x1 Closed>
Stop texting while driving.
Marked. Sorry, Full.
Runaway Ninja (Naruto rp NEED GAARA Please!!!)
Deaths icy embrace: Haunted asylum. (OPEN NEW Need people Anyone can join!)
a school full of killers (BRAND NEW)
The Strange Group of Travlers [Needs People]
Deaths icy cheescake:The asylum OOC (please join the RP)
Naruto High School *Need rpers* :]
Just Not Normal (Need Literate GUY RP-ER! JOIN!)
Falling For A Killer? 1x1 [[Full]]
why i call you mommy
Yaoi 1x1 [Closed]
Orphan ((Please Join!))
Life Is Beautiful
Twisted (Need Roleplayers!)
Yuri-Yaoi-Twincest Accademy.
Booooored....Yaoi 1x1 C-CLOSED! xD
Blood on the moon (Join!!!)
Rush And The Elementals
Camp Ad Vitam
One x One anybody?
Let Me Sign :1x1: All roles taken.
Magic Midnight Melody<<1x1, girl needed>>
Devine Pleasure (Girl Needed)
[One on one. Need guy. OPEN!]
1 x 1 romance. (needs girl) please....
Desire 1x1 (closed)
Plains of Immortal Conflict ((Needs Humans and Demons))
An Kidnapping Vampire (1x1 Open, NEED GIRL NOW)
A Vampire kidnaps an Human *1x1*
Dream World
The Sight
Animal I Have Become [One Position Open ~ Sci-Fi | Fantasy RP] Literate
Human Interaction (1x1 Need GUY!)
Booty Call
:Yaoi: Tell Me This Isnt Sin
:Yaoi: Tell Me This Isn't Sin (with destinare)
Daddy's Little Girl.....(1x1 guy needed!)
Yuri roleplay
Love at first sight? [Yaoi 1x1] [CLOSED]
Yuri One x One (Taken )
Meeting an angel
The Morning After ((Needing Vampires Male and Female))
The Sanctuary

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