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Roleplay Listing Page 232

The private lesson 1x1 Yuri (taken )
highschool for the unique
The Girl of his Dreams [ 1x1 boy needed ]
A little Bundle of Joy *NEEDS PEOPLE!*
Welcome to The Carnival!
mommy do you miss me?
Yuri someone???
Ja ne, World. [Restarted]
two hearts one mind 1x1 need a guy
Warriors (Please Join)
(1x1 Yaoi Closed!!) Bunny Slave
Year 2276 {Needs People!}
1x1 ((Closed))
An Eternal Nightmare
We're All Mad Here
Call Me Mistress [1x1 need guy]
An Eternal Nightmare OOC
Children of the Night
mother and lost child
Post Apocolytica
Love and Life
Seeing The Dead
the need to drink -open to all-
Road Trip! (Needs 1 Guy)
Anything RP PLEASE JOIN T_T (Need Guy!!)
Vampire Knight ^,,^
Married?! (1x1 NEED GUY!)
Endless as the Sky 1x1 ~Closed~
Illegal Tender {1x1}
inseparable -Yuri- --need people--
Indifference[Closed for now]
Just Helping... I think (Yuri rp) [closed]
Life, Lust and Love....with a side of cake. 1x1 (Currently closed.)
Elven Merchant and her many travels
Literate OneXOne, Open!!!
Trouble and Strife - Birth of Tomorrow [Open ~ Fantasy RP]
Sleep Over 1x1 Yuri (Taken)
House Of Night (Open!)
Moon Light Nights-School For The Gifted! * NEW * OPEN
She's Trapped.(1x1 Open)
A New Era. {Inuyasha RP}{People DESPERATELY Needed!!!}
Eden Forest
Eden Forest OOC
kingdom hearts raeraes revenge(DESPRETLAY NEEDS PPL!!!!)
Burning Desire
Sasuke-kun(1x1 closed)
memories of a nobody (bleach!)(needs rukia or itchigo)
School of blood and romance! OOC the afterschool cookie club...
The Kidnapping of a Dolphin (1x1 Open!)
Hollow Bounds
Vampire Roleplay (1x1)
Untitled 1x1 ~Closed :O~
Vampire High (OPEN)
Blood Feeling
Moon Light Nights-School For The Gifted! OOC!!!!
Sasuke's Back?(1x1 OPEN NEED GIRL)
Looking for a LITERATE onexone.
The Shifters of Meridian Forest (RESTARTED)
Mistress and Slave Rp(1x1 slave needed)
Let me see again,
((Need Chars!))Shigekazu High School
Robotic Heart
Invisible Beauty -New-
1x1 (closed)
Be the Juliet to my Romeo *New People Needed*
Konoha High
Welcome to Festival du WTF!?!?
The Battle of Euratha
Wrist full of cutts (Please join!!)
A Vampire Kidnapper *1x1 Closed*
Shattered Minds((Literate, Accepting Players!))
a new enemy a new ally -open-
For none of ya! -.-
Getting to Know the Prince (Closed)
Keep your friends close, keep you enemies closer.....(Need GUY! 1x1)
Neko and him...(1x1)
just a memory. (needs people)
I Hate My Life!!! -New Open-
Bomb Scars
Zombie corruption ( FF7 Rp)((JOIN!!!))
Yuri Castle ^,- (girls needed)
Cloud Nine Hotel OOC/Roleplay! {Invite only!}
The Four Swords of the Elements

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