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Roleplay Listing Page 239

couldnt think of anything atm.
For The ES Hacker
1x1 Yaoi
Aww Hes So cute Yaoi
The Hunted Ones (Needs Bad Vamps)
7mins in heaven Needs people
the secret weapon (x-men rp) remake)
(We Need People) Some Say This Is Wrong But Then Why Does It Feel So Right(Yuri)
mountain home [1x1 need boy
1x1 Broken world. ((Guy please, semi-literate-literate))
Crystal Orphanage OOC
vampire knight made up
Kisses Of The Sun &&-NeedSomeSexxehMen =P
Hush…. (New and need Mysterious Man!)
[1x1][NEED GUY!]
Cry_Wolf [[Closed]]
Warcraft Origins {NEW}
~Pictures ~
Heart Academy. Closed, maybe Deleted.
Theiving Princess (1x1 NEED LIT GUY!!!!)
Unearthed (1x1) Need boy
Heartbeat (1 on 1)
With in the shadows (Need More People)
Pokemon Cloudy Grey (Needs Hikari, Jossi,Marcus)
~ A Princess and Her Knight~(1x1Closed)
Time Travel (( Needs People ))
Vampire hunter....with vampires getting along. @_@ (JOIN Please! my first RP here)
Parents to be... ( Full )
Utter Silence [1x1 Semi-Lit. need a guy please!!] Open! ^^
Sweetly Picked (NEW and JOIN!)
Pokemon: Midnight Black
The Saltwater Room (( Yaoi 1x1)) ((Closed ))
-the new- Never say Never -open-
death fall [1x1 closed
mystical school the eternal battle(all species are allowed)
DNAngel; our own story (Main chars open: Daisuke, Risa, Riku, Wiz, Satoshi, Krad)
Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Rei
Sitting Pretty [Closed]
1x1 Yaoi (closed)
Bad Girl in love. (needs ghost boy) 1x1
The 1800s Nobility, Poverty, Mystery
Test No. 3
Rp Anyone???
A Little Bit Caught
Anyone Join?
A Little Bit Caught
Trapped in a city.(New, REALLY Need RPers)
bloody paw[closed
Yaoi house (PLEASE JOIN!)
Dragon Ball Z: Destiny of the Low Class Warriors
Katana [Romance/Violence RP-2nd Version]
She is..
1x1 Yaoi
howl of pain [closed
Halloween Night: 1x1 Romance/Action/Suspense (Semi-lit)
1x1 girl preferd
Kiss It Goodbye {1x1}
Thrashers (Stylized Racing)
medieval Rp(need people)
legends never die[need people
The Twist Of Love
spice & sam closed
Put a finger to your lips and don’t say a word...
Opposite Lovers
Curse of Bondage[Closed fer now]
Love Attack! -1x1-
Play Boy Girl -1x2- MALE NEEDED PLEASE JOIN!!!!
The Nightmare book
When the seven deadly sins meet... (Anyone can join.)
The House of Night. (Really Need people!!!!)
Trianing for the team. ((For Carly and I))
What happends after that [oneXone open needs guy]
The Magic Users Secret Society
Ranma the next generation [open]
The New Age
1x1 Night walker((GUY NEEDED))
The Damned. [Girl needed]
Oregon & washenton chat room
1x1, need a guy please!! Open!!! [Semi-Lit] Please join!
The Breakfast Club

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