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Roleplay Listing Page 262

Vampire and Human school(the sides story) <1x1>
Lost (1X1)
Semi-lit/Literate One x One anybody?
gone sane
My love for you..*Yaoi 1x1*
Needing a hunter and a vampire (looking for guys who can rp as a dark character)
Wolves of the sky2 The Alpha wars(closed until ferther notice)
Deep Cuts [[Male Needed]]
ONE LESS LONELY GIRL new please join[1 X 1]
Opposites Attract [1x1 Needs A Boy]
Death note-the time before (Need people...)
School >.> Join if you dare!
Ceiling Lawl
Off To London [1x1]
Vampire acadamy(Remake)
Dark Natured RP ( male needed))
1x1 Catching the Blue Jay (LITERATE MALE needed..thanks)
The Forest -New- [Need people]
Into the Ocean of Stars- Please Join
Purple Flying Monkeys! =New?=
looking for adventure (1x1 male please)
1 X 1 [needs guy]
GIVE ME A *H-I-G-H-S-C-H-O-O-L*(ITS OPEN, SO POP ON IN...I have cookies...)
somekind of room
Lone kills the heart [1x1 need guy]
United Dragons
(*Yaoi*) Demonic Love
Random 1x1(taken)
A Master for this slave (( Guy needed))
1x1(something taken bored)
Ribbon open ((NEW!!! Still Need people))
Naruto: Their Turn Now
Draven Town ~OPEN
[OPEN] Underground Society NEEDS RPLAYERS
The Three Bad Boys
Spiral Ninja_Naruto Rp_
Halloween Day...
North, South, East, West (JOIN!!)
Apocalypse OOC
1 X 1 [needs guy
City Slicker and the country girl. 1x1 literate guy needed.
1 X 1 [NEEDS A BOY!!!
Demons on Earth
POTC: All About the kids
Literate 1x1(need girl)
Halloween Every Day? (Join!)
Hidden Moonlight Waterfall (OOC)
Teen Pregnancy
Well I need a one on one partner
1 X 1 [needs guy]
Forever Twilight...
As Daylight Dies OOC.
Bored and want to rp 1x1
1x1 Prince!....ss?? -closed, author is off-
Medieval Fun ((new!!))
Full Moon Wo Sagashite
A howl in the night
Reluctant Love [1x1 BOY NEEDED] YAOI
XKingdom HeartX (New)
The Forest
Twin romance (2x2 guys needed)
Crisis *1x1* Closed
Stuck in the middle( All lions join!!!!!!!)
One x One anything ^,^
[1x1] Kitty Needs a Collar (NEW! Needs Master)
Lifes Obstacles =Please join needs lots of people!=
The makeover [JOIN ALL!]
1 x 1 [needs guy]
I think im falling in love/(taken)
Yuri High School
Sexy boom boom room! ;] GTFO! >=O
The cost of Sharigan
~*Nightmares*~ ( Male needed)
Slave and Master
1 X 1
the life of a witch (in need of fun rich witch aunt!)
The Slave Market .::New. . . Join?::.
Eternal Breaking...((Heart breaker!))

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