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Roleplay Listing Page 266

Movie Talk Chat
School of The Yuri!!!!!! ~*~ JOIN PLS~*~
Just Like Heaven. (Literate 1x1)
Mistaken love ((new/3x3/NEED 3 GUYS!)
1x1 ((Taken!!!)) :]
Ribbon OCC chat
Yaoi 1x1[[ closed]]
wait?! i am a boy?!
Neko Slave1x1(TAKEN XDDD)
Why Now [1 X 1]
war of the fallen
New Girl ((Closed)) :]
Sick, Dark, or dirty we still have our secrets.
The Cynthisis Survival Game-[NEW PLEASE JOIN!]
Logan & Skittles!! Non-Joinage!! :]
Ghosts Arent Real...Right? (1x1 NEED GUY!! lit please)
Legends of Iscae
Summer Camp... Literate. Join Please. Read Before Joining tho!
[1x1] FULL.
Pure sexy chat!
|~†~| Assassination Instinct |~†~| (Please Join need People! >.< )
To restore a lost world
yaoi rp, needs master! please?
One On One Yaoi Rp? (open!)
City Escape OOC
Devils play -master needed- 1x1.-guy needed-
When life come knocking (( Need Dom. Male Master.))
1x1 anyone???
Slave and master 1x1
Gone Adrift
To Heart
The world needs more people.
[OPEN NEED PPL}The Next Saga [naruto rp]
rise of the in beast
second class soldiers needed
Bloody night (New please join)
OnexOne Literate.
WARNING *they bite* 1x1 [anyone]
not seen [1x1 need girl
The World of Hell {Literate}
Nekos, Kitsunes, Vampires inslaved
The sub-org
Rp 1x1 ( Just bored )
Yaoi 1x1 :) :)
Do Something!! (1x1 Closed)
The Game of Judgment
It is Time! [Needs people! Be literate!!]
The Strays - Join!
Animal Instinct (need scientists!)
For Those About To Die...We Salute You
The Flames of Revolt
Two worlds, one love (1x1, need girl)
The Vanguards(Please Join)
1 X 1 needs guy
Fighting, or Love?
Ill Join Any Role Play im new
Returned to Town 1x1 (Closed)
One chance [1x1 female needed]
Phoniex Wright Ace Attorney Please join!
i need a sexy vampire guy to rp with me
A New Life (Twilight RP)
1x1 [Yiao boy needed!]
1x1 Rp Any One? Please Join! Needs a Guy!!
Ugly yet beautiful 1x1 (open)
the letters ((1x1 taken))
[FULL] 1x1. Flight 911.
Secrets of Misery Lake
Im not a Witch or am I
Silent Strangers.
lost and found [1x1 full
Love After Death (1x1 NEEGDGUY! lit please)
Those against the way things are (Needs people)
Silent Strangers.
A Ball No One Will Forget (OOC)
Strawberry Cake (needs people)
1 on 1 (Guy or Girl needed!)
Vampires and the City (NEW NEED PEOPLE!)
Fullmetal Alchemist: Blood of a Loved One (Need more people!!! XD)
:+: Some things :+: OnexOne :+:
Service [1x1 CLOSED]
The last Faun
The Farmer and The Princess
Good girls go bad? :+: OnexOne:+:
For One Heart (Closed)
memories of the broken (private)
Different worlds(1X2 Closed)

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