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Roleplay Listing Page 279

Simply wandering...(guys only)
Underground (Need people! Plz join!)
Anyone for Yuri Vampire?
OnexOne (( Closed ))
Underground OOC! =]
OnexOne (( Open. Needs a Girl ))
No rest for the wicked (Need a person or persons)
Teacher and Student (yuri 1x1)
Anyone want a 1X1 Yuri?
Random 1x1 Rp [open!]
Pretty Little Girl in a Mean Big World
Sing it to my Heart (NEW people needed)
i need to r/p
Alice of human Sacrifice
Alice of human Sacrifice(Occ)
Arranged to be love ((CLOSED))
Anything can and will happen (rping game)
Late Night RP
Romeo & Juliet ( An OOC for those out there that are atleast Semi-Literate )
Remember Shadowrun anyone???
Goddess of the River (One x One.) Literate! Need Male.
Anyone Left?
yaoi or yuri
Mutant 1x1 (closed)
Naruto Goes To America!? (Join! Need naruto charries!)
Her Truth
Tales Of Sharingan[Naruto RP/Please Join!]
Fallen.. *Semi-Literate*
The Shackles That Bind Me. (OnexOne Literate)
yaoi [twisted fairytale]
On The Wampire Ship. 1X1
The Emerald Dream (A World of Warcraft RP) (Brand New)
1x1 need girl
Highschool (1x1)Clooosseed
Yaoi On A Boat? (( Need's a guy... ))
yuri 1x1
T.J. high school new please join!
Deadly Little Secret (Open!!)
1x1 for mimi and aztook
yaoi 1x1 open
A RolePlay!! Join :D Looking For Male!!
The Jock and the Nobody (Take II)
Another life Earth plane.
Last Chance
NCIS For the Lonely :(
one on one (closed)
Pet Island (Pets and Masters needed)
yaoi (closed)
Matters of Instinct
random one on one -please join!- boy needed
The master and slaves
Vampire Genes (NEW please join)
Looking for yaoi partner.
Text formatting code updated: some stuff may break
Pure Devil May Cry ANIME SHOW chat.!
Just a Little Chatting
Data Hunter/Cyberpunk Rp/New! Please Join.
Shadowrun OOC
secrets [1x1]
Never ending life - spiritual plane
1x1 with DaVinchi
Feilds Of Green (Horse Rp)
OOC for spiritual and earth plane
What am I feeling? (Yuri 1x1 =3) (Closed ;) )
Marina HiIgh
Five Houses of Raul
Can you live long enough to save yourself?
Indian heaven. 1x1.. FULLL
Need a yaoi partner for 1X1
Yuri One on One
Devil Beside You OCC
NekoxMaster (Open, Needs Master and more people! ^^)
Maids not Slaves Part 1
Does anybody wanna Yuri?
1x1 (closed)
Time Once Lost }[[Characters Needed]]{
OOC (After Midnight walks)
Bad Day Is An Understatement*Need Yaoi Boy*
Yeah i know who my dad is No im not following in his shadow(Naruto rp)
Naruto Shinobi Tales (( OOC ))
Thirst for Music xXNaruto YaoiXx -Need people-
Those Zombies Wont Kill Themselves OCC
Falling for.. a teacher? -yaoi one on one- clooosed
The End is Only the Begining (OPEN) - Need Humans
Needs a Yaoi partner.
Find Me Somebody To Love - Closed

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