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Roleplay Listing Page 282

Saint.Beverly boarding School[OPEN ~ APPLY] [Need RPERS][REAL PICS ONLY]
OOC For Meteor shower we still need two guys
Wishes are everywhere
vampire and human role play (2 guys needed please)
1x1 need girl
1x1 need girl
Break Away [Needs People. Literate. Real Pictures.]
End to a Goddless world(yaoi)[Warning Cybering is involved]
The Knight of the darkness
1x1 Boy Or Girl Needed!!!
To Tired To Love -YAOI!- *MALE NEEDED!!!!*
Fairy Highschool..
Red eyes in the night.. ( open)
The Velociraptor Packs *Please, Please Join!*
We Sleep Forever...{NOT ANOTHER VAMPIRE ROLEPLAY}[New and needs main roles]
Yuri Slave Market
Dargon Tales
The life of Alice... **Join**
Yaoi Romance 1x1 [closed]
New one on one any one?
one on one {need boy. please join!}
OCC for: Reborn (naruto rp) [free cookies if you join!!]
Too Much Drama! [Guy (B). Literate. Real Pictures.]
Don't Leave Me: 1x1 ((Need Guy!))
Remeber Not (Need People)
(No more wolf packs!) A Lions Pride!(ooc and rp)
My Submissive Master 1x1 -Shounen Ai- -Yaoi- ((closed :O))
Templar Warriors
Washington Orphanage Academy
1x1 (anything. Boy or girl. Needed)
Pim and Maxybear: One on One
yaoi or yuri :)
Blood: The Present Day Vampires
A Yuri RP!! 1x1 [[Girl Wanted please??]]
1X1 [needs guy please]
The Human whos Name you write In this book will die (DeathNote)Needs more people
It’s You ((1x1))((CLOSED!))
Summer love:will i ever be loved
Summer love
Jealousy is a Two Way Street ((Best friends 1 on 1 roleplay. Need a guy please!))
I want to be like the guys. Can you teach me? (Done and done. :D)
untame [1x1 full]
Summer Fling ((1on1 Need Guy! :3))
leon Unspoken [1x1 full]
Treasure Town ~New & Open~
Kowai High(open)
Camp DownHill *Closed Closed Closed*
Unexpected Love (1X1)
Old friends(need girls 1x1)
Lonely dancer 1X1
make me talk [1x1 full
Camp DownHill OoC ~*~*~*~*~*
A Stroll Through the Dark
Royal Flush
Ichigo Vanalle Ice Cream * Chat and Role Play For Calin And Sammy-Chan*
Blood and Tears (1X1) (CLOSED)
Deaths Kiss 1x1 (needs guy)
Final Fantasy meets Jay and Silent Bob
escape your fate (needs people!!!)
1x1 (boy taken)
Kingdom Hearts meets Jay and Silent Bob
OnexOne (( Open. Needs a Girl ))
meet me here plz join vampires,weir wolfs,neko'z,fox's
Save me. . .
Japan 1543 Remade!!!!
Full Metal Alchemist (Next Generation)
Humboldt Park
Marry Me Romeo! OnexOne {Full!}
Ninjas of the Night
an random we can talk about it if anyone comes in i guess(1x1)
Survival (open)
Im Not Marrying You *Yaoi*
The light shines somewhere else
im a nightmare[1x1 full]
Forbidden Love 1x1 (needs male demon)
1x1 private [[closed]]
door that blinds him [1x1 full]
Looking for 1X1 Partner Guy or Girl.
1x1 ... love is there ((privet))
Cuidado con El Angel/Be careful with the angel:OPEN
1x1 Yaoi
The Last One {1x1}{FULL!}
Friends Are There For One Another: 1x1 ((Need Guy!))
Spy School ((everyone is welcome))
Boredness! [Semi-Lit to Lit]
bored who wants to rp? 1x1 guy needed
The hot club:everyone can come!!!! Have fun
deep sleeping :D

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