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Roleplay Listing Page 283

Can I Play? {yuri} {1x1} {mature} {closed!!}
vampire knight(need a shiki senri!!!!)
Anyone up for a semi-literate to literate 1x1 (closed)
The hardships of life
Fantisy romance
Neko slave (plz join needs master 1x1) full
random rp that i want to play in^^
Neko Slave( 1x1 closed!)
Bored RP :P -=-Closed!-=-
The Crows Eye boarding school for the gifted
Deep Sleeping:1x1 ((Need Guy!))
A New World in the Well [Open again]
Theres Something About You
Neko slave house ( new please join? )
Friends Are There: 1x1 ((Need Guy!))
1x1 NekoxMaster (Closed^^)
Blood, Steel and Fear
My Neck Belongs to You~ Yaoi~1x1~Closed
1x1 yaoi or yuri (open)
Midieval Fantasy Gen RP
Breaking Free
RP with me!!! I'm bored.
Beauty outside. The king/father,prince, and kings men needed!
Jiyuuishi Kiraa
Ignorance Is Your New Best Friend[1X1 needs guy]
Your Frailty 1x1
Bored. []Closed[]
Ashleys Reality (Joinage?)
Blue Bloods RP
Ninja rp [full]
Town of the darkly
1X1 [open needs guy or girl does yuri but not yaoi because i am a girl]
One way friendship of squad 10. [Need a Sensei!!pwease??]]
A year to live (open needs boy, please please please join!!!!)
1x11 closed
Guadian Angel 1x1 (guy needed)
Yaoi 1x1 needs a boy PLEASE JOIN!
Zakyou-n-Zantumal 1x1
Neko lovers (1x1)
mature yuri {not a 1x1! anyone can join! XD}
Guarding A Goddess....Need evil peoplez :]
Yaoi rp(1x1 open(closed)
One x One Rp Any one? *Closed*
Neko school love (1X1)
1x1 master slave rp needs girl!
Bleach 1x1 (closed!)
Blood Lust -Need Guy-
Bleach RP: A new generation [(Open)(New)]
my all your nightmares come true ^_^ open and new
Lord Of the Flies 2010. New island, New kids, New times.
High School (1x1) Needs a guy
Gem Creations (OPEN)
Naruto RP [Please join]
Against all odds.(1x1)(found)
Lord of the flies 2. New island new kids. (OPEN PLEASE JOIN)
Her Savior. (1x1x1 Need guy!!!!)
Fire Emblem:: Beginning to the End [Open for Sub Charries]
Avatar: The Next Generation(NEW AND OPEN)
The pain with in..1x1
Organization XIII - Memories of Nobody
Mending a Broken Person
role play for the chibanda lions pride
death as we know it
URK i want an 1x1!
True neko love (1X1)(closed)
Final Fantasy VII TifaXCloud
School of Secrets RP((open))
Love Is Pain: 1x1
Never Let Me Go 1x1( GUY NEEDED!! )
Love Cafe ((Please join!)) <3
Zelda's Adventures!
Deviant Faith. [Closed]
Virtual Romance ((1x1))
Red, Red Roses ((Closed))
Virtual Reality. (Closed.)
The Training Grounds.
Deadly Path:One on one Closed
1X1, closed (semi-lit to lit)
Pokemon(Closed, for Asilanna)
The Way Of The Shadows
In this Glass box (( Need Male)
(( Yaoi )) Angel....
Pregnant in Highschool [ Open needs RPers]
The Fallen Angel. [ 1x1, guy needed. (: ]

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