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Roleplay Listing Page 295

A Slant of Light
Reaper Pandemonium .:Open- Please Join!:.
Boredom Ensues.....It's time for LITERATE 1x1!!!! =0
9 Jinchuuriki Host Team Up Against The Akatsuki( (OPEN!))
Kingdom of Usagi {OPEN}
Suck the breath out of me [Vampire RP 1x1 1 MALE NEEDED 1 GIRL NEEDED]
To Kill Or Not To Kill 1x1 *CLOSED*
Faceless wanderer 1x1 Open
The Hello Kitty Fan Club
battle for earth
Glass Houses
1x1 - open! :)
(based on) pandaemonium - open rp, multiplayer.
Mephilis' World
A turn of events (closed)
Webmaster Notice: Everything slow as shit because
Dying to Know the Truth....1x1 NEED GUY!
Now what 1x1 [Human Male needed a lot of vampires male or female]
Now what ..? [Human Male needed a lot of vampires male or female]
[Semi-lit vamp rp. Needa guy (:]
The Story In-Between (Taken)
Spirited Away 2 (closed)
Save me from the weird!
Weister Castle.
The Big Doll House ~*~Prison Rp~*~ [[NEED PEOPLE]]
yaoi 1x1 -cloosed-
The Big Doll House ~*~Prison Rp~*~
My Melody*UBER JO!NAGE?i*
The Chosen: Begining of the Black Solestice
Ouran High school host club^^
Yaoi MasterxSlave NEW!! Join please? :3
1x1 Closed
Feeling bored? Come chat with Me!
The Rebellion and The Legion
You're all faggots. Yes, you.
Eternal Night
The Goddess and Human(lxl)
Young love.
The love of a killer (1 on 1) (FULL!)
Love Forbidden (1X1 Needs Guy)
Mythical and Human War
What Love is there?
The House at Riverton (Needs David and Hannah)
Never Too Less. (Needs 1 more fighter atleast!)
Shes Got The Beat -Strange RP-(All are welcome.)
Sexy Bar
Hunt or be Hunted (OPEN) And needs 1 More Guy!!
lost [[1x1 full]]
Becoming Human~*~please join people~*~
Young love. ( Yaoi 1X1 )
1x1 Full
Kisses Goodbye {Closed}
in love with the super-natural...1x1 ((full))
deidaras niece (A AKATSUKI RP NEW be anyone ocs aloud anyone plz?)
Anywhere roleplay OPEN FOR EVERONE
Dark Prince(Kyra And Blackwolfe ONLY!!!!!)
Oh, shi- (Closed!!)
The Dragon War... NEW.. OPEN TO ALL
The Monsters Woods(1 on 1)
Stupid Orphan
Emo Role Play (:
Blood is thicker
ONe on one NOW
Return of the X-Men (New please join!)
Teen Pregnancy 1x1 Full
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
blood is thicker than Wine *Family needed.*Read Below Please
Unlikely Love (( Needs girl anime pics only ))
Life on the Disc (Need People!)
The Twilight Saga: New Moon (OOC)
Vampire Yaoi (( GUY NEEDED ))
Hungry Like the Wolf .:Yaoi:. ((Needs werewolves!! :D))
Spirit Bound
second chance [[1x1 full]]
The Mysterious Happenings of Annie LeRouge
anyone wanna 1x1? (Yes, chicks and dudes)
blood is thicker than Wine OOC
Naruto: Next Generation of the Leaf Village ~NEW! JOIN!~
Friends..and Lovers? 1x1 ~Closed~
Can You Stutter Love?
Stray (a Wolfs Rain rp... needs characters)
merry christmas!!!
Paranormal Activity
Their Bond1x1 (guy needed)

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