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Roleplay Listing Page 306

Awww...Crap (1x3, Closed)
Getting away with murder (( needs guy.)) Romance.
What lies in Eden? **Please join, we have cookies**
The Year 2070 ~Remake~
Mystic Academy(High School)
One or the Other? ~*1x2*~ ((Opened Needs guy!))
Best Kept Secret. [Needs Creative People!]
A Winter night, turned right. (1x1 closed)
I wanna rp. (Closed! :])
Does anyone want to RP? ^^ I'm pretty bored (who wouldn't be on Sunday?)
Soundless Screams
Bad Boy. [1x1] (closed)
The end of the world? (NEED PEOPLE! SONIC RP WITH OOCS ALOUD!)
You Know You Love Me(Open)
gender bent
moon lights blue blood (open)
W-School (OPEN)
Fate Stay Night (need masters and heroes)
In The Company Of The Unknown. [-1 x 1-]
Higher Levels of Magic Academy -Professors needed, only if you know it.
Now..? [Yaoi]
Second Life (Spirit rp) Needs 1 of each gender!
OOC for Higher Levels of Magic
school for non humans
Forever Young [O.P.E.N] -Still need people!- Please join!
Haunted By The Past.( Open. Literacy)
Given Half A Chance....(OneXOne Literate.)
Life Ain't Fair...(1x1 Open, need guy)
Moonlight love (FULL!)
Anything Manly Goes
Howls In The Forest Sky(Needs Followers)
take a chance 1x1 (needs boy!) JOIN
Magic School Of Love
The 5 Angels
what to do to get the next buzz?(needs people)
To Get Away
*High School. Dorm Rooms.* [Closed to all!]
On The Run (Christmas Minisode)
Midnight Cabin 1x1 (needs boy!)
Living in silence. 1 boy needed!!
Obsession (Closed)
Time watchers REMAKE(open)
Betrayal and Love...Same meanning spelt differently.
supernatural orphanage [open to all]
A Kiss at Twilight
Against...................................((bleach RP))
Crash Landing... In the Sky?! (GUYS NEEDED; OVERRUN WITH GIRLS)
Choice (1X2)(Literate, NEED ONE MORE BOY)
the girl next door 1x1 XD(need guy )
Prince of Hyrule?(Closed)
:+: Winter Wonderland :+: (( Needs Three Guys<3))
A Match Made in High School
Narusuki High Cheerleading Singing Soccer Club {PEOPLE NEEDED}
One x One((Closed. But if you want to roleplay with me, come on in!))
Stockholm syndrome (Yaoi)
you got me with those baby blues.
Long Distance. . OnexOne
Somnambulators. (Closed, for the time being.)
How Strange[Need people]
The Christmas Card (1x1 need guy)
Vampire and The Vampire Hunter 1X1 CLOSED
To Be In Love With A Creature [[1X1]]
We do bite.
Yaoi roleplay - Looking for ideas and partner.
The Perfect Holiday. -NEED ONE BOY. ;)
Full Moon
Forever... Or Is It?..... 1x1 (closed)
Danse Macabre
Softened Heart (1X1)
Toy Store :: 2 Characters needed ::
The Crow Crew- Need Roleplayers
Untamed Beauty... Or is She? (Closed)
Titanic (NEW AND OPEN)
Star Wars: The Crime Lords
Foreign High School Life (Open, please join!
The student council treasure... is a...
A song on the breeze
Friends with Benifits....Or not? (1x1 Closed)
Dawn of Blood [Literate] (Join :3)
Does A Caged Bird Really Sing?
babysitterxperson being baby sat
I Think I Still Love You (1x1 Yaoi)
1x1 incest

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