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Roleplay Listing Page 312

The Undying Night (Literate, onexone, need guy)
Open your Eyes (1x1 closed)
Smiles On A Rainy Day (1x1x1x1) Closed
Romance in the Town (1x1) Needs Girl
Blood-soaked Fangs & Angered Heart (1X1)
Love in The Woods (1X1)(resurved)
sing with me.
Tiny Love(lxl closed!)
love and school what a mix (anime pic only)
:+: Aftershock :+: (( Literate. In Need of Two Male Roleplayers.))
The Family That Plays
Elements of the Uncanny Valley(Open)
Soul Eater Rp
The Next Holmes (death note Rp)**needs light!**
anime high
seven out of six peoples (new)
lonely girl
Dream Shareres 2x2 NEEDS 1 BOY!!!!
**For Gilbert-kun**
Lost in the Realm of Dreams (GuYs NeEdEd)
<~ ANY ANIME RP ~> (1x1) *CLOSED*
A vampire inlove 1x1
Midieval Tales
-Rise.Of.The.Lycans-+Underworld Rp+
Summer Nights!!
Him 1x1
Party!!! (Anyone can join and new!)
1x1 with Kuaz
rise of the ancient beast
Rays of hope (closed)
Hate of a Father Love of a Friend 1x1 Need boy
Together Forever? (1x1 needs boy)
Vacation --NEW. Join. Needs1Boy. =]
War of the Supernatural
Who Do I Chose?(1x3) New- 3 Males needed please join!
Kingdom of amour (Needs People!)
A Little To Late -one on one. yaoi. open-
stalker meets lover 1x1 (needs boy!)
Cenreo. Private.
:+: Aftershock :+: (( In Need of Two Male Roleplayers.))
in way too deep 1x1 (needs boy!)
1x1 (closed for me and someone I choose)
1x1 (PLEASE JOIN, I'm bored)
Romance 1x1
[{-Almost There-]} [Closed. If you like to roleplay, PM me!)]
Her Angelic Damnation [OPEN!!!]
:+: For Me and Lil. :) :+:
After School Special[[Closed]]
One Night Stand [Closed]
Schools Divided ((JOIN))
Life Is Not All It Seems... ~Need Members for both gangs!!!
Bored need Guy (1x1)
vampire and a girl 1x1 boy needed!
Brave little thing 1X1Closed
School For Nekos
What Do I Do Now? (1x1)(Closed)
The life, of a young princess. (Please join!. Needs ppl.)
Slave Rp Open!
Neko Slaves -full-
Closed Only Delilah and Ricky
1x1 shota
tired of trying(needa boy)
OnexOne. -closed-
New years, yaoi
anime-protector(need people badly)
Haunted Castle ~Yuri~
Return to me Salvation ~Yaoi~ ( Literate. Looking for Dom. Archangel.)
1x1(boy needed)
Haunted Castle OOC
Happy ending gone wrong [Need boy ASAP!!!! and other rpers as well]
im just testing something
anyone wanna rp? anyone can join
1x1 need guy
This Game Called Love [1x2]
Return to me Slavation ~Yaoi~ (( For Shiekhero.))
House of Night Roleplay. (( Needs lots of people. ))
superhero/supervillain rp
Bored and want to rp!!!!
Master and Slave Yaoi Need Master
17 and pregnant NEED GUY NOW AND FRIENDS
BORED (1x1 need guy)
The RolePlay Complain Box
Dear______ 1x1 *closed* Lit. rp
Call my Bluff 1x1
Vampire Kisses Literate to Semi Lit

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