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Roleplay Listing Page 313

The new Guy (Closedd)
Immortal Dragon
XOne/One?X Yaoi?
Happy Days........Not
Whos Afraid Of the big Bad wolf? (1x1 need guy)
Guardian [1x1]
New to the school [1x1]
Left{4}Dead OOC. HUMANS NEEDED. Limited number! (12.31)
Dreaming of you (Yaoi)
How? (Need people)
New Student
Journal Entry:
Yaoi High
The New Guy has A Deadly Secret
Will someone RP with me? Please? :(
New RP The Trouble With Nekos (join need students and Neko(S) )
Wolf's Rain (Remake: Original characters needed)
New one on one
You Love Me, I Haunt You [1x1]
Jacob Black and His Girlfriend ONE ON ONE NEED GIRLFRIEND NOW
City of the dead ((anyone can join!!))
Deathnote:Ending Recall. (Warning: Spoilers inside.)
When the snow kissed the ground ~1x1~
Demonica Unleashed
1x1 (Closed)
Banished Creatures
Uprsing Of Day And Night (OneXOne Open)
Wolf Chalk =Need Roleplayers/= 2x2 Join.
1x? Yaoi OPEN! Come one and all!
The war raged (SOMEONE JOIN)
[He] Be[lie]ve[d]
Every Time a Rainbow Dies
I dont know what name to place
Translucents. (Literate, Open!)
Jacob and Bella Romance-CLOSED
Le Cirque ((Open))
What is this feeling? (1x1 Closed)
to shy (open)NEW
vampire high school (anime or real)
Family Secrets
Deathnote: L's last days.
Orginization NEW- Lots of People needed!
Hello and Welcome To My Palace~!
The Deaths Of Amy Rambo
The creeper chat >.>
Its Jurassic Park all over again... (Join!)
The Bartolomaeus Family.
Deadly Little Secret
Pokemon RP
[ A Fate Worse Than Death ] 1x1
[He] Be[lie]ve[d] ( Yaoi )
My Own Vampire
A Lost Cause [PLEASE JOIN!!!!]
Hurtful Choice (1x3) Closed!
Vampire Kisses Remade (Please Join D:!)
Nightmare on Elm Street
newjoin please
Hathaway Art Institution
Chinese Zodiacs return! ***NEW****
The School Princess. [[Please join!!]]
L.O.V.E 1x1 boy needed!
Where The Hell Is Everyone ???
Black Magick Boy...(1x1 dark GUY please!)
The Date Hotline (Very Literate- Need Guys)
End of the perfect life.
Child Hood Mints (1x1x1x1) Needs 1 More guy!!!
dark carnival NEW OPEN
Anyone need to Advertise xD come here lol xD
Welcome to the house of....yaoi! -RE-OPENED- (any one may join)
mid evil rp
Deadly Attraction (1x2 or 1x1 Guys Needed)
Steampunk Princess, Psh, She Wishes! ((1x1, closed))
Yaoi (1x1 Closed)
Too Many 1x1s!!! (Also a free chat!)
Okay then for me and Katie ^^
Just for tonight *1 guy needed*
new boy OPEN
Three Stones (( 2 GUYS needed Open JOIN AND GET A FREE COOKIE AND LEMONADE!!!))
OOC:: Just for tonight.
new boy
1x1 Zombie survival (Closed)
assassins of the arctic snow.
Four of the Seven Sins (Closed)
Point of View (( ~Closed~))
The Slayer (1x1 need dude!)

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