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Roleplay Listing Page 320

Run Baby Run!
The World of Dare (Dare you to JOIN)
My Twin Bosses Are Vampires? (Need 1 Male Guitarist)
For Samiie and I
Dancing with Blood (full)1x1
looking for a vampire rp(yaoi)
Life starts now
my luck 2x2 open!!!!
Watashi wa ninja no gozen 1x1 ~closed~
Teen Pregnancy Need GUY NOW
Amy Murray
Im in the BAND
DO I Know you ???
Vampire story. (One x One) CLosed
Vampires (plez join there is killing and bloodshead)we need guys and gurls !!)
Vampire Kiss. 1X1 (( Needs a guy : ] )) Romance...
SasuXNaru (1x1 open)
Yuri Boarding School for the Gifted
Battling Corruption (needs people)
Vampire Kiss. 1X1 (( closed : ] )) Romance...
Guardian Angel (( Male Needed ))
Mortal Kombat Histories.
Yaoi 1x1...Closed
1x1 Need Girl
Ogari hospital
Just killing time.
Adote me boy needed
Love and War: 2x2
The Heart of a Humanoid [Open lol. Needs people. Join please?]
The world is disgusting JOIN
If you have an Rp, Recrute Us!!!
Screw life (CLOSED)
1x1 need a girl.
left4dead-all characters included-
Life of Vampires *other name suggestions anyone?*
Never Hold Back OCC
New Life (1X1)
1x1 with Kiomie77
The Midnighters (Need Midnighters (At least two guys), Shadow Creatures, and Normals)
Sweet and sour school days [please join]
left4dead -ooc-
The boy and his mistress(needs girl)
Roleplaying. [Please join!]
~*~*~* Order of the Nympho Rebels~*~*~*
Letters from a Liar
The 6 kingdoms
Lover of the dancer (1X1)
Black Widow... 1 on 1 .needs boy.
Trussed Up Flowers ((needs bad guys))
Deadly Passion
When Will It End? (Needs People! New!) Literate
Truth And Love (reserved for Harumaru)
Irony .
1x1 reserved lol
Cloud and his pals in ff7
Secret squiril chat
remaking of 1x1 rp lol
she love him he love him he loves her she love her 2x2
The new kid!
The hiden love of one
Everlasting Hatred
Worthless. (1x1)
The Game (closed)
The Land where we fight humans to save ourselves....(open for anyone)
Speak And We Shall See... needs male
team naruto n ichigo vs team ikkou n cloud
New one on one any one
Outside World
Cross Fandoms
Maru Naru Cafe>>
Lost Memories
Element Users
naruto + yuri
Lost but then found 1x1 Need guy (:
Kokoro Suki; Tenshi Me ((Needs Three Boys))
Demon War
Kingdom Hearts chatroom
E Pluribus Unum
Highschool with chaos (open for anyone who wants to join)
One love lost
the ES house (invite only)
Shitsurakuen!! (need characters pronto)
Wanted Fire Demon
Shadow Keeper
Love has found a way (1x1 warrior cats need greystripe)
Pure Sexy Chat! (Family Mansion)
Cure Me of this Darkness [Yaoi, 1x1, Closed]

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