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Roleplay Listing Page 324

Digging Your Own Grave
Lost and somewhat found.
Bad ass Bandits
Held Captive. (( Needs male pirate ))
DA Band (Needs People)
1x1? (guy needed)
Halo The untold Story of the Delta Force [New and Open]
For Trey and the beautiful Anko!
Lust or Love [please join, please Yaoi and Yuri and not]
Supernatural. Blood guts and angels. (Dean/Castiel Closed!)
Unexpected Loyalty (1x1 Closed)
New Moon ((needs people!!))
Land Unlike The Known *1x1x1*Needs A Guy Badly Please!!
House of Night. [ Needs Serious Members and Males ]
Bored as hell!!! (1x1...needs boy)
The cullens against a new human >>NeeDs PeoPLe<<
Its a demon world now...(join!)
claymore -vampire verson- open
In Your Debt
Villiage Hidden in the Sand.
Ouran High School Host Club (NEW NEEDS PEOPLE!!)
OOC of Emo/Scene ness .
>>insert catchy title here<<
Tree of Dempolites
Purity vs Chaos. An elemental rp.
Free and untamed. 2x2 I need two boys asap
Eddsworld: Dawn of the Edd
Saving me from myself
Looking for ShrinkyDink (Closed)
Earth Wind Water & Fire ~ItachixDeidara Yaoi~
Chibi Party!!!!
Elemental battles.
Deidara EQUALS Trouble (Akatsuki RP PLEASE JOIN!!)
Irregulars {Open}
The Map (Pirate RP accepting)
What do you want from me?
Bored and want to rp!!!!
Life Is full Of Drama (1x2) CLOSED
PaperHearts {Open}
Demon War: Immortal Warriors
The Popular Girl has a secret CLOSED
Book of Shadows (Charmed RP)[Open]
Understanding... [full]
We are Behind Enemy Lines!
Havoc Confesses to Roy (1x1 YAOI)
Jean Havoc and Roy Mustang (FMA 1x1 YAOI) NEEDS ROY
|| Industries || - [(OnexOne)] - [( Closed )]
Ice Cream for Two
The Meetings *Open* Needs 3 Guys And 1 Girl!!!!!!!!!
The Plot of Haruhi Suzumiya (NEW NEEDS PEOPL!)
Not this game. -reserved.-
Hard Goddamn Life (NEW OPEN!! NEEDS PEOPLE!!!)
Commoner to Singer (NEEDS PEOPLE! NEW)
Dying Wishes (1x1) CLOSED
Lover or Worst Enemy? [ 1 Male Join!]
The Forever Unit [Full]
Trigun Twist (NEW NEEDS PEOPLE!!)
Save Me From This Endless Charade (1x1 FULL)
Blackmail Me [1x1] - Male Needed
A school club?
Havocs Confession (1x1 YAOI FMA )
high school for emo,goth and punk (no anime real pics only :))
Frikken bored... needs girl (Closed)
Secret Agents vs Criminals (transformers aloud)
Fullmetal Alcehmist: The Sacrifice (NEW! NEEDS ROY!!)
neko boys with zanpakutous.(5x5 boys n girls pls)
Lost and Broken (New Needs people!!)
Wealth!OneXOne, Literate!)
Hidden emotions 1x1
:D :D :D :D :D To all twilight lovers out there :D :D :D :D :D
From Heaven To Hell (remake)
PaperHearts {Open}
My Master. (( Needs male ))
for Vossler ~*closed*~
Couples(: {TwoBoysNeeded}
Will you save me? [1x1] Closed
Briiidgets rp! wootwoot. (iloveRAMEN)
|| Industries || - [(OnexOne)] - Needs Literate Male
Is it real? New join
Blood + (need ppl plez join
Advertisments for RPs that need people!
Elite Skills Role Play (occ)
Slave and Master 1x1 Girl Slave Needed.
Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (occ)
~Jameston Family~ NEW NEEDS ONE MORE SON

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