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Roleplay Listing Page 330

Bored out of my mind and want to rp
I will follow you into the dark. (( Needs male angel ))
Cherry Blossoms (( Need Rogue Samruai <<Literate>>))
Werewolf Hunters OOC
A Tiny Flame Of Hope *Closed*
souls for heart
The zoo of freaks?! (open to all!)
G.O.R.E (in need of Roleplayers)
Catchy Quotes OOC
true life
The darker Side of The Sun [OOC]
Vampires and Waffles
True love? (1x1 needs guy)
THe darker Side of the Sun (RP)
Ace of Hearts-Ace of Spades
1X1 Making up lost love (needs guy)
vampires vs lycan vs hybrids
sk8er boy (needs boy)lus others)
sk8er boii (join neds people)
When Worlds Collide [Open || Literate/Semi-Literate]
kidnapped by the akatsuki? (1x1 needs guy PLEASE JOIN)
The Pack (New. Need people! Its a werewolf and vampire RP)
Bored.. 1x1 - Girl please
True Blood. EricXSookie (( Needs Eric ))
Computers (1x1 Closed)
Bored out of my mind and want to rp
Freak. (( Needs male. ))
Tempted.....(1x1 Need Guy)
Those With Wings Shall Fly (anyone up for Rp?)
Pandemic: The Pathogen Has Evolved.
bored anyone want to join
Falling for you... (2x2) Need Tobi and Kakashi!
Yaoi 1x1 closed
Lucky Number 5
The Dragons Son (( Closed. *Literate*))
4 Races at war with each other.. ((needs people))
TAG ! (OnexOne Guy vampire Needed.LIT!)
TaG (Semi Lit Vampyre Guy Needed!!!!!!!)
Rp Practice
Wrath and the Four Horsemen (( Need; War, Plague, Famine, and Death))
High Life of New York City [New - Need People!]
Bored! 1x1 Male Needed
To Avenge A Friend- The Mystery Lodger (Need Lodger)
return to wonder land [needs people]
1x1 closed
Can We Make It? 2x2
1x1 KIDNAP. [Male Needed]
1x1 needs boy
SummersCold {Open}
Amatuer Detectives.(2x2)
Yaoi uke seeking seme for some Rp
Kidnapped [lit, 1x1, need guy]
:+: Consequences :+: (( OnexOne. Closed ))
FMA: Payday
high school sucks (new!!)
Choosen warroirs-closed-
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Choosen Warroirs
wings no more. (this would be a nice place for people to jump in
Hope And Hell
One Class (1x1 Needs A Literate Male)
Moonlight Tavern
Ive Been Kissed...By a Vampire
Suicidal Curse 1x1 closed
forgotten island (open and new)
(1x2) A kiss from a Strange Lover (IN NEED OF ABUSIVE EX BF... )
Pandora Academy ((Yuri))
Wallflowers Wilt, Laughter Dies [Closed]
Yaoi Vampire Roleplay (1 x 1)
(Guy needed!) Thats What You Get!
Lucky number 5! (5 Guys needed!!)
playfull neko
playfull paws (needs people)
[-Yaoi 1x1-]
Stranger Lurking In The Shadows 1x1 {Boy Needed}
One Class (closed)
Shy And Kidnapped? 1x1 {Closed}
New in Town (Need 1 Guy)
Beauty and the Rebel (CLOSED)
Battle of the Elements - People needed, few kicked out
Yuri One On One [Aileen here you go]
Middle School....and CAT GIRLS?!!
Inside the mind of Insanity (The padded cell...)

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