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Roleplay Listing Page 333

Staceys mom (Open Roleplay need a guy) Rated R
Slave Show (1x1) Yaoi Open!
a cool but very crazy cafe for all ^^pls join^^ X3
Just Once For Royalty.
Every musician needs a lead singer. 1x1(closed)
O n e on O n e
Little Angel (1x1 needs a guy)
ello mate:D
A cool but very crazy cafe for all .(OOC)
Yaoi: Slave/Master Please join.
Repo! The Genetic Opera! ~New, join!~
Falling In Love with War (( Looking for Horseman: War *LITERATE!*))
The Ghost and The Darkness ( 1x2, Literate *Yaoi*))
Opposites Attract: (1x1 Girl Human Pics)
Sin city (open to all and needs people!)
~*Parallel Parking*~ [Closedd]
Let Your Fist Do The Talking *closed*
One Piece - The Long Forgotten
Shinbuden Academy {closed} female roles will still be accepted
"Haunted..." Yaoi 2x2 Closed
Reliving the NightMares- Open- Needs 3 Guys Badly! Please Join!!
The Academy for the Special
|| Making the Band || - [( Closed<3 )]
Any literates alive out there?
1x1 Needs Girl
Light in the Shadows of our City
Light in the Shadows of our City OOC
Shinbuden OCC
Why Trust? (1X1)(CLOSED)
One Big Mistake
The Jerk and The new Girl
Underage Dancer 1x1 {Need Lit Guy}
Vampire Knight(Yaoi 1x1 needs vampire!)^^(closed)
There and Back Again - One x One
Saved... by a Demon?!
The One Without [1x1]
But i want to be innocent.
Vampire City 2X2 **Need guy vampire**
Why are you here? (1x1)~Please Join!~
Run 1X1 CLOSED Semi-Lit
Freak Town ((OPEN!! JOIN!!))
Neko Yaoi 1-1 Open
Normal Life
1on one wilderness(guy needed)
Anyone for a Jurassic Park rp? (Join?)
Calling all gods (Need all gods)
fraternal twins Closed
join pwease >.<
Darkened Journey (Needs one boy)
Darkened Journey OOC
Goshuushou-Sama Ninomiya-Kun -remix-
Forbiden Passion (1x1Closed)
Random 1x1 Guy please. BORED
Untitled ~New please join!~
Captured. Tortured. Blood. Pain.
London Fighter
The zoo for freaks2 (open to all!)
Tending to the roses. 1x1 (Kingdom Hearts)(Need Marluxia)
Runs Deep
No Road Too Tough For The Black Cat (Public Yaoi ^^)
Another World
New Generation of Shinobi [NEEDS PEOPLE]
Yaoi 1x1 Closed
Love? Nah! 1x1(open) (Marluxia Needed)
The Invite [OOC for people i Invite got get good]
Year of the LOVERS!
Kingdom Hearts?(open)(needs characters)
Corpse Bride(New and some what improved)
Kingdom Hearts: Somebodies Nobody. (RESTARTED)
Yaoi 1x1 closed
If You Run [Open, Needs People]
one X one
BORED (1x1 need guy)
1x1 master and slave need vampire master
Where ever I may Roam....(( <<Literate>> Need Rogue Samurai))
The Witch Hunt [NEEDS GUY]
Yuri country PLEASE JOIN
Does anyone want to be my Uke? (( OPEN!))
Yuri 1x1 (closed for acidcoke, babeh!)
Beauty {Drag} Queen [1x1 tooken]
Blaidd Drwg. 1x1 -closed-
(school for all) anime pic only
< Sekai no Katasumi de > 1x1 male
Tied to you! my silly little Yuri queen!(1X1)
wrong love (closed)

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