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Harvest Moon: Tree Of Tranquility.
Harvest Moon: Tree Of Tranquility.
League of Extrordinary Beings
Could this really be happen?
private *for me and josh*
[x I n v I c t u s x]
The Violinist in love with a Pianist...
Break it, Bend it, Throw it Away.{Four Guys needed)
New one on one anyone
Max And Aidie
I Won't Tell No One Your Name [1x1, yaoi]
the dorm party and the killer (NEEDS 6 MORE GIRLS 1 KILLER!)
Glass Dragon (closed))
In My Arms
Maku High (1x1) (CLOSED)
Elite Skills TWINS!!(Twins only!)
Ark Academy
Naruto generation in 2010 [needs people we are only 2 at the moment]
Why me?
Under the Dark Twilight
New Kid In Town
naruto shippudun rp-loveless (NEW PLZ JOIN!)
Why should I marry him?? (Join please!!)
Sakura Kiss...... Cherry Blossom High(Yuri)(Open, We are starting)
Secrets? [[Please Open!!!]]
Sakura Kiss...... Cherry Blossom High(OCC)
I will protect the... princess? Yaoi [For lexic]
Yuri/yaoi 2X2 open
Through Darkness, Metal and Sanity (needs people.)
Alignment of stars (closed)
A Gay Oven
advant children rp (please join)
Wrapped in time (1x1, need a Hikari)
Something Different(New*Anyone can Join)
[[Yaoi 1x1]] Nameless For Now (v^___^);
Elfen lied [1X1 guy needed]
All is Fair in Love and War [Yaoi 1x1]
Tears dont fall, they crash around me!
[[Yaoi 1x1]] Closed; For KillTheFlies and Myself
pokemon new generation
|| Dark Fall || - New, Needs Male. OnexOne.
Fighting to Survive *Closed*
Kidnapped? Me? 1x1 {Boy needed!}
romantic naruto academy (pls join >.<)
One Night (1x1. Closed)
Forever together (closed)
Olympus Academy
First Day Of My Life.
|| One Night || [OnexOne. Closed]
Forbidden (yaoi)
|| One Night || (Closed.)
Dorm room surprise. {1x1} {Closed}
Dorm room surprise.. {1x1} {Closed}
Johannah (Sweeny Todd 2X1)
Ghost(( Needs Semi Lit Male))
Star Trek
Bonds of distance (closed)
So now what?
Tough luck, huh?1x1(closed)
Bonds of distance <<For PorcelainX>>
Any Guys Want To Do A OnexOne?
Yuri 1x1.
:: RiverDale Academy :: (Please Join!)
Club Blood (Vampire lovers join)
viva las vegas (needs people!!!)
Blahs!!! onexone {Guy Please!}
Kingdom Hearts: Broken Dreams (join)
Night Moon OOC
Adopted love XX Closed XX
:::. Wonder |1x1| 'Bout .::: Male Needed
Liveing like a pet (closed)
When A Player Meets His Match
Who Gets Studying Done With A Tutor Like Him? 1x1
1 x 1 -closed-
It Feels Like High School But Nothing Is New
zoids the ultimate deathsaurer
justin jackson
Aalewyn & Ace & Hana OCC
The Cast Room OOC #2
Are You My New Master? (1X1)(girl needed)
Television and the Horrors
Tales of Vesperia [Join]
He Alone Lives
Old Friends(2x2 reserved)
Why do i love you (remade needs people)

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