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Roleplay Listing Page 346

Bloody Hands. (Restarting this rp.)
<>Bloody Hands OOC<>
Would you like to play? 1x1 Yaoi -Closed-
HeadStrong (1x1 need girl )
PineApple Juic (1x1 Lit Rp! Male needed!)
.::.~Rule Of Rose~.::.1x1 Closed ^^
Life In Hell (New! Need People! Please Join!! Ill give you a waffle (>^^)>#
Life In Hell *OOC*
Pokemon Johto + Kanto
Rebuild Again (Pokemon Rp) Needs people join please!!
Founders Story (Closed)
Split Chance at Love [1x1 Yaoi]
Is this true love?? 1x1
[1X2, Closed.]
Arena of magic and death(need people and they get cookies if join)
HeadStrong, (need girl)
A Dream Come True (New! Need Girl! And Demons!!)
A Mansion In The Forest - [Fantasy/Open! Please join!]
Highschool: Two Sides to Every Story
Candy Coded Nightmares. (1x1) ((again))
A Dark Chain (2x2)
Hell's Circus (1x Need Lit Male)
Iunno (1x1) closed
Scared -Yaoi 1x1- closed
+Everguards School for the Gifted+ (Need 4 Gals and 4 Lads)
Protected (New! Please Join, I need demons!)
Light vs. Darkness (join plz)
Space Pirate
Pawn Shop Blues
Kingdom Hearts: The dark-corridor
you think your life stinks...try not even having one...1x1(needs emo boy)
OPEN!! Yuri Needs one girl 1x1
[1X1, need guy]
(1x1) All Is Fair In Love And War {OPEN, GUYS PLEASE}
1x1 (needs guy only)
Journal Entries
New Horizons [New. Join please!]
A new slave(1x1 yuri need girl)
New Horizons OOC
To Obey OOC /
Ninja High (Open!)
All In The Name of Love
Wonderland [[Open]]
1x1 (needs guy only)
Private classes(1x1 yuri reserved)
The Strange Case Of Jekyll & Hyde (1x1 Closed)
|| Making the Band || - New - Closed
Totally Random and fun. -Open.. Need people-
A new love1x1-closed-
Glee! Please join! In need of main characters!
Whisper to me....(( Need child of Gluttony. -Literate-))
Master -3x3- (need two guys)
1x1 yuri need girl
1x1 yuri reserved
Enslaved (Need 2 more female slaves!!)
HETALIA RP (needs lots and lots of people)
Avatar (Movie 1X1 Needs Male)
After Effects {1x1 closed}
All I Want Is For You To Love Me (1X2 Full)
Girl Got Hot (1x1)
What a Drag...(Need people)
a world unchanged by time (dinosaur rp)
My grades are on the line! (Closed)
Getting even (1 on 1)
the dinosaur battle royale (all welcome)
Closed - One x One - NaviLeader
Keroscene {Acid} Mezz 1x1{Closed} ^^
The Zanziffer House
.::.~Whispers In The Dark~.::.{Closed} ^^
Latent Desire (Need a Lilith)
Waiting For The Harmony 1x1 (Male Needed)
3x3 Role Play (Real Pictures)(FULL)
the choice for what is good or bad (anime rp)
The Quiet
Kissed By A... Vampire (1X1 boy needed)
Sitting in the corner (open)
Back in highschool
Back in highschool
Just a Little Inspiration (Drummer needed)
Sentenced to Death (Open- People Needed)
the art of illusions 1-1 needs a guy
Ouran Highschool Host Club
The Mermaid (one X one) (NEED A BOY !!!!)
Darkness Unrevealed (New! Please Join!)
Racest Love (1x1 Closed)
You cant change my life!
Upon the Shadow

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