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Roleplay Listing Page 347

The Kidnapping <1x1 need girl>
Bored (Need girl)
[Yaoi, 1x1, closed] There is always a chance.
Linked **Full**
War Games
Hiding Something From You.... *NEEDS PEOPLE!!!*
Teen Pregnancy [1x1] (CLOSED)
Zombie Musical :::: [Open]
She wolf(( 1 on 1 new story))
Yaoi Academy anyone wanna join ??
Kincaid: land of the forgotten ((Can use three more People))
Impossible Love (1x1 Closed)
You... and Me... (Guy needed)
She Is the One
Bored And wanna do a Naruto rp!
Masters Pet -Need Male Vampire Masters -
The land of Gaia (join ppls)
The Dragon Box (Need 3 more people!!)
Avatar- War for home +++Like Movie+++
Yuri anyone?
Avatar: The Happening (1X1 Full)
My Angel of Death. 1x1 (closed)
Waking Up In Vegas [3x3, Open, NEEDS PEOPLE.!!]
Yuri (2x1)
High school For Real!!! But kindda backwards (guy needed)
1x1 yuri ALL TAKEN :3
A Sordid Sort of Romance
A friend in shining Armour.....
Naruto (Need people!!)
The Next Generation of Shinobi
The Next Generation of Shinobi - ooc
The Black Jewel ((PEOPLE NEEDED!))
Help me( Needs hot girl )
Couples {Open}
To love a monster (1x1) male needed
Truman Mansion ( Yaoi open needs 7 boys! )
YAOI! TAKEN! GuzzlesXMuffles. <3
Haruhi Suzumiya *Romance RP*
Dark Days {open}
Hot for a Teacher(1x1 need female Student)
The new demon teacher(1x1 reserved)
I love kunoichi! [ Yuri - Naruto - 1 x 1 ]
Hot for a Teacher(1x1 all taken)
dirty talk:D
Love you Sensei
Shared Life...1x1(need demon boy)
Its like living in a small box... OPEN
High School -A new life- GUY needed
The Story With No Title
BANG BANG I shot you!! ((need pplz please))
for the love of magic
1x1 anyone?
The unkillable victim
Couples RP [Open, New!]
The unkillable victim ((Private))
Wicked 1x1 (CLOSED)
[Untitled Story] OOC Story
I'm looking for a yuri one on one.
Black Jack Syndicate
The Last Summoners (Fantasy RP. Open New.)
OOC: fire emblem: the next generation
Yuri! :)
High School Sucks
Masked Ball -1x1- -filled-
Burnt; Lost Without a Trail
Demonic survival 1X1 (Reserved)
Mercenary Tavern
Tavern D. (1 waiter, 3 bouncers, 2 dancers)
The Cyrospark - Transformers - Please join!
A Demon's Love
Tavern D. OOC
The World Of Anime, It Has Everything
Nightmare Before... Summer? (1x1)
Rebirth [[ Needs Serious Members ]]
A masquerade...and a basement :3
You can not change my life! ( Yaoi 1x1 ) OPEN
DeathNote Goes to School?!?!
the love of two people (1x1) (Full)
1x1 (might be yuri depends on who joins, please join girl only)
Knights of Asarath
Prisons and and godfathers(new)
Day of Reckoning (join! please!)
Couples {Open}
Masked ball. (: <3 ((CLOSED))

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