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Roleplay Listing Page 351

The Untaken Vow (1x2)
Those With Wings Shall Fly Away
Hells Calling *Full*
Fighting for love(need ppl)
The Legendary Legion of No Name ***Semi- Literate*** (((ADVERTISEMENT)))
Christians Place (Chat!)
True Love (1x1 Yaoi) CLOSED
2 girls needed (ANIME)
Suicide Chat (Chat--- Duh!)
Cafe of Love (1x1 Yaoi)
Im Baaaack *Need Guys*
There could be nothing after this
Adrian and Kelsey (closed)
AVATAR revenge of the humans
Stranded[join please!:D]
My Story!!
A Lunatics Lament
A Lunatic's Lament OOC
friends are forever
Is Love Even Possible?( Yaoi needs male )
Villan (need people, occ)
The Big Gig
Love From Italy (Yaoi Closed)
Academy 51 ( please join)
Lack Of Light (OPEN)
Bored (Need girl)
Falling in Love.................Hurts!
DevilSlayers (((ADVERTISEMENT!!!)))
Bored *Need Guy*
Taking The Word Pet To Far -filled-
Alex in wonderland
Closed OOC ::: GTFO
Bored (Need girl)
is it worth it.......{real}
Letters from Hell..... ----needs Jack the Ripper----
War against the Seven Dragons - We have a dragon problem. Bring your sword
Something You Want To Open =3
The couples of Shallian High (((NEED 3 more GUYS & 4 GIRLS!)))
Love Box
Alice Human Sacrifice
The Protector ( CLOSED)
New to town
[ Need Guy ]
*In Need Of A Master*
is it really for ever? {1x1} {closed,srry}
The Prophesy [Open to all]
You dont see her like I do.
Out With The Band. Wish I Never Went. (Join please! LITERATE!)
friends don
Truly in Love (1x1 Yaoi) Needs guy!!
Your Way or Mine? (CLOSED)
Pokemon Weokolia
My Valentine -Akatsuki Yaoi- 1x1 -Closed-
Lovely Man (1x1 Yaoi)
Lost... will we find are way ( Needs 1 guy )
Loving Family [Literate. Need People.]
Captured OOC
LOVE SONG (1x1--needs guy)
quick rp 1 x 1
weekend of dister(needs people)
You said you would protect me... [needs guy]
Love Shouldn`t Be Arranged [ 1x1 ]
Dying Forest (1x1-Need Female-)
Anyone On Want to Rp???? (Need Guy)
The Diary Of Jane -Need People-
Go to hell~ I-im sorry~ (2x1)
When the sun dont shine One:+:One
Finding A Way ( closed)
"This entire time you were talking, I was imaginging you dead"3x3
What has Time Done? (ninja RP 2x1) OPEN D:
Rose and Em (full)
Go to hell~ I-im sorry~ (2x1)
another damn rp !!!
Someone Save Me from what I've become
prehistioric island (dino rp)
New ! 1x1 ???
Friggin bored as hell . Help !
Euphoria: Starship Radec
Death Note Chat
Funny Things That Happen In Anime Chat
Single Lover (full)
Sky & Terry ONLY!
Nervous Breakdown(needs people)
The Twins and Haruhis Love Trouble (NEEDS HIKARU!!!)
Rising Tide of Filth
Make-Shift Husband[1x1] Closed
Im to shy! -1x1- Gay guy only

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