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Roleplay Listing Page 360

Mysterious Boy.. 1x1
The Ten Cursed Teens
Bon Bon and Whims! Yaoi (closed)
The Sheriffs Untouchable Daughter
Boredum.. (1x1 Need hot anime guy!)
Really bored..
yaoi high school {mature}
school of sins (creatures allowed now)
Random High School (Need Boys)
1x1 Older Love (Romace)
-|+|- Loveless Nights -|+|-
pokemon a fresh start
Watching (Yaoi 1x1)
Something More Then Friends... and Human [1x1 - Male Needed - Romance RP]
Something More Then Friends... and Human [1x1 - Male Needed - Romance RP - CLOSED]
Band Trip: 1x1
Landlord twisted deal (needs guy)
Through the cold (Closed)
1x1 Literate Romance
Elemental Kingdoms ((needs people))
Last Chance for Their Last Summer (1x1,closed)
I loved you, but you hurt me (1x1 Male role needed)
Hurtful Choice(1x4) Closed
OCC for elemental kingdoms
I Wanna Go Home (Ransom Rp) (1x3)
(OPEN) Nightmares and Dreams (mature romance/action)
Space Station : Equinox
Children of the Damned
Bored....1x1 {Need Demon/Vampire Prince}[M]
german hangout
Bloodied Sands (1x1 Needs Male)
School for Young Olympians
Fanfiction (naruto rp)
Love!Death Wish (For Buyyakugan Only)
By magic and emotions (closed)
The Legendary Legion of No Name (((need people)))
Talk About A HighSchool Experiance.
Epic Boredom 1x1 {Need Demon/Vampire Prince}
Underground (Yaoi Needs Literate Males)
The Powerful Ones OOC [recruiting still]
1x1 Trapped in a Mall (Closed)
{-|+|-} Loveless Nights {-|+|- }
Midnight Cafe OCC!!
ES Family {1 More Male Spot Open}
What about the matchmaker? (1x4) 1 girl apot open
Role Play Promotion
Talk About A HighSchool Experiance. (( The chat. haha))
Bioshock: Rebuild rapture (open)
Riddick- The New Beginning
Ikusa High
Avatar- Rebirth of War
Jump rockstars (needs more people)
Euratha [Semi-lit/Literate]
Obscured Reality
Ransom (1x3) -Males Needed!-
Riddick- The New Beginning OOC
Gone the Next Generation OOC
My love story; Silenced.
Danny Phantom: Phantom X ~Need mains, and OC characters!~
Neon- The Beginning or the End?
rising falls
Blood,guts and Demons. A hunters RP. NEEDS PEOPLE open.
Blue Rose Ninja OCC....
Boutokin (OPEN)
Blood,guts and Deamons. OOC the crazy lands.
The Sunshine of a New Day - [Join please!]
How Can I Love Him? 1x1 MALE NEEDED BADLY!!!
Neku the Composer
A Twist To Love And Life
Artifical angel ~Yaoi~ (Needs Buyers!)
air gear rp(new please join...we have lots of open spots!)
The house on the corner [Yuri]
War of the Demi-Gods (Needs people!)
Speed (needs peopl)
Trapped in my iPod :: Need more characters! ::
Deaths Bitches (open and needs people!)
mew high
~*Awoken By A Kiss (1x1)*~ -Needs 1 Guy!-
The Kingdom of Pein(Facebook group)
Alcohol and Fangs (Open...for now)
Bakugan all hail the darkus
Peach Drops.
World of never ending battle(New please join)

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