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Roleplay Listing Page 365

P R O J E C T |G| is going down. [New~ Join please?]
[Literate] The Fallen {CLOSED}
.Requiem For A Dream. (1x1) (closed)
...What Is This Place? (OPEN! NEEDS PPL!)
Secrets in the Dorm - New - Needs People<3
Plastic Smile (1x1 Need Guy)
Justy, Jessica, Danny And Stormy!
Expect the Unexpected (needs people)
Collision Course <need semi literate girl> 1x1
Love is a Lie. (1x1 Need Guy PLEASE?)
1x1 for Ashira
1x1 for Darkdream
It hurts to be this way. (NEED PEOPLE)
The Dare (1x1 Needs Male)
Call my Bluff 1x1 (Male needed semi-Lit)
Herding the Sheep *Need guy*
|| Only the Hunted || - New. - Needs Literate Male.
BORED! (Needs a guy please!)
The Day the Sun Went Out
Hidden Away (Needs People)
The Two Kingdoms. [Ppl please join!]
Valentines Day
We All Have Our Secrets. })i({ open })i({
Secrets in the Dorm - OOC
To Us!
Sex slave and Master ((master needed))
Forced Slave (1x1 Needs male)
Fallen Heart (1x1) -closed-
Tsubasa chronicles -open-
Dark Twisted Romance Anyone? -filled-
Neko Slave/Master (Needs Master!!!!!!)
Perfect Listener
this isnt happening!! *new needs ppl*
Murdering Ashley. **OnexOne** Taken.~
Club Oblivion(All are welcome)
(Closed) Is it right, just because she
For Liomir
Dear Ophelia, I am Crossing a line with Lost ammo
Princess Rule (Needs boys and girls)
Summer Vacation 1x1 guy needed!
Teen Mom (1x1 Need Guy)
The Lonely Mansion Tower
Pollutant Chat
Wolf and Vampire (1x1 needs guy)
What does summer hold for us? 1x1 guy needed
Summer of Love.. 1x2 (One Guy Needed!)
1X1 (Closed)
~Daydream Milk and Genocide~
vampire x mortal.[:
Taken Away.....(1x? Kidnapping, People Needed)
New Girl (1x1 guy needed)
Nyeeeeh!! I am PENGUIN!!! (You know you wanna read it...)
1x1 needs a guy
Need an idea D= 1x1 *Male Wanted*
vampire knight:the night class dance
The Great Race of Oban! 1x1 (needs Aikka)
Fun Room =p
Chat Room with your Comrades! OOC
Can you keep up? ((open need guys, and a few girls))
|| Music || - Closed
supper star?? *new needs ppl*
//Spring Festival// ::Naruto Yuri:: {Open Join Now!}
Home, not so sweet (2x2 need 2 guys)
The Lonely Mansion Tower
The Baroque
1X1 for Keko and Azalas!! :D
Some sort of Yuri roleplay...
anyone wanna do a Sakura X Ino rp?
School For The Gifted
Death note Rp (JOIN!!! :3 NEEDS L!!!!)
dancer or fighter? (1x1 CLOSED srry loves)
The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya[PLZ join!]
Mixed school (OPEN)
For a demon (1x1, Pet RP)
Ouran Host Club
whispers in the in the wind(new)
The Undecided 1x1 :D KEEP OUT
Her team, there goal ((open))
The Infection
Naruto all girl school(new)
The Depression Of Haruhi Suzumiya[We need Characters Badly!!!]
(OPEN) Dances With Wolves Remade
1x1 -
.:Wilting Roses:. 1x1 OPEN NEED GUY

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