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Roleplay Listing Page 369

Inuyasha (( A new Start )) ((need people))
Bored... Yaoi RP...[1x1] Need semi.. Come ... please... XD
Forbidden Love (1x1 Need Guy)
High School -A new life- GUY needed
Guardian angel (needs guy) 1x2
One of us (1x1)(CLOSED)
My father's legacy. 1x1(needs boy)
Inuyasha - A new Start - ((need people))
Twins in love (needs pair of twins 1x1)
Dragon's Fire (Needs a LITERATE male)
OOC for Organization XIII vs.The Akatsuki
[Dantes Story] The Dead Lie (OPEN/Literate)
The story of my life. ( YAOI 1X1 ) Open
For the love of Neko ((guy needed))
Slave x master
This is not an RP. I just need help on my homework.
High school For Real!!! But kindda backwards (guy needed)
[1 x 1 anyone?]
Slave...For...Sell [Yaoi 1x1] OPEN NEED ONE PERSON~! PLEASE XD
To All Those Who Hurt
Yaoi any one.. Again~!? LOL XD [1x1 need semi.. PLEASEEEE!!! Im despret here to RP~!
Inuyasha - A new Start - ((need people))
I won't love anyone else...
Bored (Closedd)
Deathnote Rp
Inuyasha OOC
Desolate Souls
Animal Academy(new)
Bored....Badly (Need girl)
Murder me My Darling (( needs Male)) -Literate-
Cateryna's House of Randomness and Roleplay!
to cibyer
Murder me My Darling II (( Need Male)) -Literate-
Help(Literate Girl needed)
1x1 need guy
The Land of the Ancients.
New World New People (Closed)
Lion King
Yaoi *closed*
the lions den (Lion king ooc)
Behind the Lies .:Anyone can join:.
Eyes like a Tiger...(1x1 need guy)
Inuyasha - A new Start - ((need people))
1x1 yuri need girl NEW
Ninja Nights (M)
A Late Night Christmas Present [NEW 1x1]
In the Woods...(1x1 need male)
The Bar of Would Be Fortunes. (closed)
The Gothleader
BANG BANG I shot you!! ((need ppl please))
Cry of the Tormented (1x1) (Closed)
Blood Slave (m)
Anyone want to do a 1x1? [anyone who does please post here]
1x1 (closed)
Night Walkers (M) -vampire killer
The battle for the last Mage *full*
1x1 Anybody? (Girl Needed)
I Swear!I Had No Clue! 1x1 *CLOSED*
Extacy High OOC! No advertising!
The Neverending Night
1x1 girl needed
The Past....
1x1 yuri girl needed
(CLOSED) Blind Faith 1x1 (mature)
Superjail RP
Boredom...V_V 1x1 *need Mature Male*
One on one...
Splinter Cell
Higurashi No Naku Koro ni: Onikakushi-hen
1X1 for any bored Mature Male...
No means no! *new! needs girl!*
OOC relationship WHAT
Random yaoi RP anyone? [Need Semi.. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE~!?!?!?!?!?!]
The Vault #02.~ || OOC/IC. ||
Darkness creeps through the church. (closed)
Their Doom -2x2 NEED TWO NEKO GUYS-
Hell girl loves hell boy!?? (1x1 open) jigoku shoujo.
The witchblade v2 (( Full ))
For Your Entertainment~{Closed}^^
angel prince. (need girl)
Malice in Wonderland -Closed
Scooby Doo 2
For Tour Entertainment {Only For Inferno001 ^^}
For Your Entertainment ^^ {Only For Raurick}
Livirthan- love between enemy lines 1x1 *reserved*
master dearest (needs master 1x1)

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