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Roleplay Listing Page 37

For Better or Worse
killer mail
- Let The Games Begin - Mature
The meaning of life
The Black Horse Inn (remake)
Love, can be hard. -Male character needed-
Survive the Storm
Edit Requests
Angels Guild
road trip 101
Everything is gone
And They Learned "Happily Ever After..." Was a Lie
Cuts full of blood
- Against The Gods -
Wanna Rp?
Romancing Saga
The Nightmare Club
Left Behind
Camp Yaoi (remade)
Stay with you
The Bodyguard
Love For The Other Twin(Revamp)
Hybrid Island
House Of Night(Marked)
Not your ordinary school (M)
The Rose Family
the cinema
Love in this club V2 ((need guy))
Medieval Fantasy Fans
Elven Inn
It Comes With a Price
Red Sun ( romance male needed)
Treated Wrong
The slut and her Bodyguard
Against the rules (M)
Stop this Madness!
X-men: Winding Chaos
Dark Angel (Remake)
All In The Name Of Love(Need 2 guys)
Misc. Talk
The Loveless
Do you love romance rps?
Data: The lone android.
st..lurim girls academy[yuri/drama]
Love for sale
The Cliche School for Youth
Updates Complete: Last call for bug fixes and requests
The Vanishing
The heat of the night (M)
Dwelling House
Falling for someone...[Male Character please]
Three and One, Too Much
furthak school 2
Marita High School
Love Sucks
Random Yaoi RP
~*~High School With A Twist~*~
Countdown to Death
Vampire Throne War
Wolf paradise
Her Revenge
Can't resist you..
- Matue Rp -
Care to fight some one you can not beat
Alone in the dark
Buy the home and see whats inside
new chat for rp section
Behind her screams
new chat for rp section
Tired of being one of the guys...(full)
Kingdom of wolves (flying)
Holy crap!!
to love or not....( neede rpers plze
When the Curtain Falls
At night (Mature)

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