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Fenrir (wolf god) has a kid!?!?!?!!
| + |Heart No Kuni No Alice | + |
Vampire+vampire hunter=chaos (1x1)
This Cant Be Happening NEED GIRL NOW
BORED! SAVE ME!!!! (Needs M A L E)
Moon light Academy (allways open)
Itachis Love Story
Badin High School Ghost *Open To Others*
For pokadotrocker
love some one
Anyone wanna join my rp? please?
The Universal War
The Universal War
Shape-Shifter War ~Literate to Semi-literate~
The Universal War
Try and tame me(Yaoi)
Cars,Motorcycles, Love (1x3 need 2 males)
1x1 Master and Student(yaoi closed)
For Glich75
For mekazou
Make me!
Pokemon Real HighSchool
Bitten (1x1 Vampire RP. Need literate girl)
This is it, I found him (1v1 needs male)
Mecha parts
Bitten: Copy 1
Bitten Copy 2
Devil's Pond 1x1 []Male Needed[]
Guettas 1x1x1 -Closed-
How Could This Happen To Me [1x2|CLOSED!]
Tools (1x1 need male)
Slave in Market. (oneXone) -Closed-
Whimsical Asylum ~Open! Welcome Patients~
BORED!!!! SAVE ME!!! (Needs M A L E)
h1h6 Western Mage come and help.
Marvelous Adeventures of Awkward Bad Luck
An OOC For Book Talk...
(Closed) Tears Of Hope
Castle Rock (Closed)
[Alice In Wonderland] CheshireXAlice {1x1CLOSED/Semi to Literate}
My Family rp
Vampire master and his slave ((1x1))
xDeath Will Followx
| + |Heart No Kuni No Alice | + | OOC:Needs people! So please join!)
Double or Nothing 1x1(Twins only. Girls please.)
Speed (2x2 need 1 guys)
A Gods, Goddess (( Need God of War, or Horseman War)) +Literate+
Heart no Kuni no Alice (1x1) Needs Peter White
Shigure X Akito One X One
Dance, baby, dance (need guys and girls)
1x1 Taken :-D
Shot down (needs a guyx Interesting topic)
Yaoi 1x1 (Closed)
help! (1x1 closed stay away)
Mephilis get over here (only of mephilis)
Childhood Enemies can last forever (1x1) male role open and needed!
Night Club ( porbably the fifth-hundredth one D:< )
Taking Over ((Need God or Knight Male)) +Literate+
Into my insanity (Yaoi)[1X1][closed]
Bored as ever...
We are what we are and we are were's
Rogue Princess (( Need Male -Literate-))
The Demon With In -1x1 NEED A GUY-
Rock star, baby (need a guy!)
Ninja Academy A New Generation
I didn't do it! Believe me!! (1X1)
Im Recruting YOU! OOC
Rogue Princess II (( for Syrano))
Two Steps Farther From Heaven 1x1
Love can go far.. 1x1
Pandora Hearts yaoi 1x1*New*
Don't Ask.
1x1 Closed =3
Borde ^^
Under the full moon light 1x1
For Vampiregirl7121 ^^
Dracula Rising ~New, needs hunters and monsters, dracula too~
Twins(1x1 need girl)
1x1 Family Love [needed girl]
Eternity and forever ( NEED 2 GUYS!)
Bored, want to do a 1x1 with a girl...
can't be in love(1x1)
Does anyone want to RP with me? ~1x1~ [TAKEN]
The Fallen Angels Guild (new need ppl made by Deathblast101 join plz)
~1x1~ thing [RESERVED] -RiokuKarasu-
1x1 Anyone? (please read description) ~closed~
Game, Set, Match
the sounding of the bells
for members of tinierme.com

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