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Roleplay Listing Page 391

Attempt at A Shooting Star 1x1
Indian Summer 1x1
|| - Welcome, Monsters - || [Need People]
Bored....1x1? *Need Mature/Hot Guy*
1 0n 1 - girl needed
You Have 72 Hours(Zombie RP)
The Mob Boss Son 2x2*1 Guy and a girl*
Apple In Hand~Twilight~ PEOPLE NEEDED!!!
Vampyre Academy
The Hunter and The Wolf
Love Bites [1x1] Need Guy!
mermaid melody [open to all next generation
Yaoi [1x1]
crush or enemys [1X1 needs guy]
hey there lonely (1x1 guy needed! join!)
Werecats Den...
Life isn't a fairy tale, it is a horror story
Slave forever (3 masters/mistresses currently needed)
Zombie high school
[Our Broken OOC] (For everyone.)
To Much For You ((One on One,Male needed))
Organization XIII and their somebodies!
Psychotic Meltdown ((Open and excepting!!!))
Cabin Fever
Guardian Angel2 (1x1) for leonconnors
Project "Unit" [Open Spots/ Romeo mastermind needed]
[Naruto Shippuuden] The Broken Bond (OPEN/ Semi To Literate)
//Saving The Sinners// -Needs Literate Role-Players-
Unplugged - A Private Digimon RP
The way of the shadows ( new 1x1 yaoi)
New 1 on 1
warrior's love 1x1
School For The Gifted And Disabled
Living a lie
1x1 NEED MALE RPER PLEASE :3 ( The New Girl )
Really Bored (1x1 Need guy)
Yaoi 1x1 (Needs guy)
CHAT ! (Open to anyone)
Training Grounds
What is love? -Guy needed-
Elite Skills Lost and Found
Her reality... Your dreams.
Sixteen Years Later
Can i be yours? (Open!)
[Fruits Basket] Fortunately Unfurtunate (CLOSED/Semi To Literate)
Let the Music take your Soul.
Geisha of Kyoto [ Yuri ]
Click to see a chatroom(random chat room)
Let The Music Take You Away. ( Yaoi 1x1 OPEN! )
Back from the Mental Hospital ~ New!
Back from the Mental Hospital OOC
Sailor Moon: The Next Generation
Her Reality... Your Dreams. [remake]
This Thing
Who Says It Isn
The Dragons Last Stand(Very Lit Rp. only 4 spaces left)
The Dragons Last Stand OOC
I fell down a ....rabbit hole? o.o Open. PLEASE JOIN!
~Yuri~ Best thing I never knew I needed. [closed] {girl and boy needed}
All I ever Wanted {Yaoi} CLOED :D
Tough Love. (Mature!)
High School Love (2x2 Need 2 guys!)
The Survived[]Name Liable to Change[]
He's a strange one (yaoi)(seme needed)
The Fantasy Continues--> *NEW & OPEN* Creative and Lit R
1x1 Darkness OF Prayers & Romance(need guy)(Open)
What happens when you meet her killer? 1x1 CLOSED
Vampire (yaoi 1on1) Late Night Bite
What happens when you meet her killer? CLOSED for Freestyle
Really Bored.. 1x1
Yaoi 1x1 closed?
Massacre Society OOC
Could i be saved? {need a few more people}
I am Bored too
A New Family [Yaoi 1x2] [Closed :D]
Yaoi? (I really don't care how many join..)
Peppermint Chapstick [Male needed]
together we stand -open-
Anyone wanna make a PARADISE KISS rp....
Cheese and Wine Garden
Toboe and Tsume (yaoi 1 on 1)
Alice in Wonderland [Many Spots Open]
Jealous Possession Yaoi [1x2]
bored, need a neko female (1x1)

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