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Roleplay Listing Page 396

Caged (1x1 NEEDS SEME!)
The One? (1x1 guy needed)
Can I help you?? 1x1 guy needed
Rising of the darkness {Seme Needsd 1x1 Yaoi}
Give a dog a bone(1x1 NEED SEME)
1x1 needs guy
Anyone want to chat? (anyone can join)
Little puppy(1x1)
A emo love story
had to start over... ((for BleachIchigo))
- simple PSYCHOBABLE ; [FxF or FxM ; Literate.]
Cries of the Past. (OneXOne. Open.)
You Have Got To Be Kidding Me! ((NEEDS Guys!! Gang rp))
Yuri [1x1]
Runaway. Dont ever go back. (Need people )
Princess and the Frog 1x1 CLOSED
You're a Cop! (1x1) {Needs Guy]
I Spy A Catchy Title! 1x1 *Need A Hot/Mature Male*
Whisper in my ear, Dear Vampire
+.:The {L}ove Club:.+ [DeathNote]
Beauty and the Beast
Club misa
I dont know how much longe I can do this (1x1) Need guy!
WolfsRain (open and new)
3,2,1. (CLOSED)
[Death Descending] Blood Rain of Immotals(CLOSED)
Troubles Bridge. (Guy needed.)
Trapped -Naruto/Akatsuki Yaoi rp- Join Plz!
yuri [1x1]
Follow Me. Mature Roleplay. OneXOne Needs Female.
Same Story (For Isabella.)
Death Note rp: Semi Lit : Needs Characters : Please Join If Interested!
Tears of the moon
Rape Charges Mature. OneXOne Female Needed
A replacement ==1x1-girl needed-==
Living On My Own
Random Rp{1x1} guy needed
occ: i just want to chat so comeon in and join :)
Cinderella story?{need people}
Rosella Hospital
What You Lookin' At? (Haine.. look here! xD)
Sweat Beat Protection (Needs People!)
Bondage Master!!( Use this RP anyway you like just have a great time^^)
Meet Me In the Rain
Yuri (1x1)
Rose Academy.
Meet me by the shore. [1x1 open] ..[seme needed]
The bridge
Tears dont fall
A bloodstained future... (Wolf Rp)(Please Join)
Moonlight Mansion
Diamonds in the Rough (needs two girls and four boys)
The Lost (Seme masters and Uke slaves needed!)
Summer of Love.. 1x3 (Needs 1 more GUY!)
Twilight Remix (Need People!!)
BORED!!! =.= RP Anyone? XD
~Furry Forest~ A furry OOC/Role-play Area
Child Experimentations (NEW! JOIN!)
Warning: I bite (1x1) (closed!)
Training the new kid- SasorixDeidara yaoi 1x1 -
masterXslave (taken)
Yaoi 1 x 1 {{No longer accepting}}
Why do i do this to myself?
The bruises just wont go away...
OOC two worlds on heart and soul
Neko Academy
||Dark Hearts|| Need rpers.
This Never Happened!(1x1 closed)
Asylum. Open & reaaaally needs 10 more people.
1x1 for me and mah epic friend :) GTFO
|| The Flames Grow Higher || [1x1]
The siren song
House Mates: 2x2
The Way to See(new and need roleplayers bad!!)
Youre My Last Hope CLOSED
Life in a new city. Open please join
No fucking drama ooc. (Invite only. )
Music Box
Could Things get worse?
Dragonfly. [Needs several people]
Love is blind and dark...for me. 1x1(closed)
Fullmetal Alchemist Yaoi anyone? 1x1 Roy Mustang needed...CLOSED
fire starter-a new group of starters (#2 of book/movie by stephan king )(PLZ JOIN)
~Red Moon village ~
timeless friends ((Boy please.))
Life after graduation (open needs people)
The SuperHumans of the 2020

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