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Roleplay Listing Page 397

Reign Of Blood [[ Skilled Writers Wanted. And Females.]]
Rape Vampire. Mature. No View.
Occ for Superhumans of the 2020
Rape Vampire. Mature. Shasha.
Rape Vampire. Mature. For Keshia.
Sisters 1x1 Girl needed please!
Grimm fate of a devine lover's soul. 1x1(needs a cute grim reaper)
Dark mansion ~ (kindom hearts yaoi 1x1)
Sexuality Spinner (Need girl and guy)
Forever broken..or not? {need people}
spinning love{need guy and girl}
The Stronger Neko 2x2 (Need Seme Nekos!)
Modern Gypsies (New RP) [OPEN] {Please Join}
My Best Friend
Is this true love?? 1x1
Wicked!!! (Need people and a main guy!)
Best friends can still kiss. 1x1(needs emo boy)
Pembroke - SPY SCHOOL - joinage?
a humonculis love (fma rp PLEASE JOIN)
ooc spinning love
ooc spinning love
occ. (the) *^chat^* [room] &and& :{Advertisement}:-Forum.... XD
the speakers (left 4 dead rp)(PLEASE JOIN)
Prom Night (need 1 more guy)
Highschool Life
Winter Kiss [Yaoi]
Love's first bite? 1x1 (needs vampire boy)
tragically broken (naruto/akatsuki rp PLZ JOIN)
Something Told Me to Spare You [[CLOSED]]
Bored... 1x1 ^^
Vampire Prince {1 x 1} {Need Guy}
Mercy (1 x 1) [Needs Guy]
in the arms of evil (yaoi 1X1 filled)
The place called: Hell (people please join!!)
Dying of this... (Needs Vampire Male!)
[Naruto Shippuden] (CLOSED) -Written With White Ink-
Chat! come and talk =D
Mistakes. 1x1 ((need guy!))
Fate (Open)
UGH! (Needs male)
PREGNANCY NEED GIRL NOW will do twilight with bella
Tears Of A Slave[1x1 closed]
Romeo and Juliet are supernatural. 1x1(needs a demon Romeo)
Skater Dreams, High school Teens.
Mud and Blood (for Fash)
Let's run until it all disapeard(New)(needs people)
Dark Wolf Clan[Please Join ^^]
Lone Wolf
Hopes and dreams never saved a life. (New)(needs people)
FullMetal Alchemist: Fight for Life CLOSED
Roleplay Ideas coming. ONEXONE Need Female.Lit.
Werewolf Gladiator. 1x1 Closed.
According to you. [open]
Advertise give a name of a role play
Caged Animal (1x2 guys needed)
Leave me to die please. 1x1(needs boy)
1x1 [Yuri] Teenage pregnancy... and love??
Pm me.Female needed.
futal era
High school years (Open! Need people!)
Summer in Sydney {Open}
Vampire Knights (Accepting!)
My Turn (Yaoi, 1x1)
All girls boarding school [yuri]
Live or let die. (Need a guy)
Monster orphanage (need guys and girls)
The Midnight Life Bar [all species roleplay]
+Cops and Robbers+ [Need Civilians, Cops and one criminal ]
A Dark Past (1x1 needs guy)
A falling star ===1x1=girl needed====
Organization 13(Yaoi Reserved for sugarcube)
Inuyashas Era
the moonlights kiss(1x1) need male
1x1, fantasy/horror. Literate.
1x1 Anybody? (Guy needed(: ))
Teacher student (( Needs male teacher ))
Warning: I bite! 2(guy needed!)
1x1. Yuri or Yaoi?
1x1, Yuri. :)
(Please Join**need female**)
A Dragons War ( Please Join)
Twilight Remix (Need People!!)
Fullmetal Alchemist Yaoi Anyone?!?!? Roy Mustang needed! :DD CLOSED
Any one want a one on one
A night to die for... (Needs guy)
.::He Found Me::.[Yaoi]

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