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Roleplay Listing Page 411

rp chat about rp
King of Thieves (needs king)
This RolePlay Is Open~~ *1x1* Needs Some one!
1x1 Closed =3
Art School OOC
{1x1} ~ closed ~
Tears to shed (1x1)
You're useless now. 1x1 (needs a boy of any kind)
The night the Crayons threw up in Georgia
~*MasterxSlave (1x1)*~ {Mature}-Closed!-
Hells Darkness 1x1 (Need Mature Male)
[+]Alice: The Unknown Adventure[+] (OPEN)
The new blood at Cross Academy. Open && needs peole.JOIIIIN! restarted
Alice: The Unknown Adventure [OOC]
party hard? 1x1 need seme
The Hunger Games
Turbo Penguins OOC Chat
Ruby Sapphire
New World
ashfard acaddemy role play
Use my heart, since yours is lost 1x1(Kingdom Hearts)(needs Riku)
lost and forgotin of 1x1 NEED SEME GUY NOW!!
ashfard academy p
2Girls,6VampireBoys,1Mansion.What Could Possibly Go Wrong?(Need peoples!)Remade
ashford academy
Handcuffed (Yaoi)
Anyone wanna talk? I'm bored and lonley
Bored 1x1 NEED A GUY
Angel of mine. ((gentlemen?))
Stick it. [needs males and females]
Jail bird (yaoi)(seme needed)
Life In Prison
Dominate Over Happiness 1x2 -NEED TWO GUYS-
My Charm [Yaoi]
The School of Elements(need people!)
1 on 1... something darker?
1x1 Closed
Even darker(( lol))
Peace shouldn't be this hard... [1x1. Genderbender.]
Your sending me to a girls school !! (( full sorry))
New 1 on 1 with gender bending
for MidnightMouse
cousins can love too (1x1 needs female)
Outcast Operation: Technology Vault (Add)
We live within you....(needs people)
1x1 (for MoePoe3)
Our little secret (for Black_rose 1718
Durarara! (Open rp)
Blood Suckers (four boys needed)
Silhouettes (1x1 Yaoi)
1x1, looking for bored female
From Badass to........(CLosed)
Bored. Yaoi RP Anyone? Seme needed. TeacherXStudent :D
Loveless Rp (( Needs Literate Soubi ))
Sneaking Around (Yaoi)
my heart or the key 1x1 kingdom hearts rp
1x1. to be determined later
Freestyle Come here! :DD I want to talk to you!CLOSED FOR US GEEKS! WOOH
My vampire master (CLOSED)
Life is hard: 1x1 ((Need Guy!))
Mr. Everything....(OneXOne. OPEN)
Fantasy Romance 1x1 ~ Male Wanted! ~
For Baka- And only Baka !
Hopefully Mine... [1x1] OOC
Death Rattle (NEW Rules and Notes)
The New Detective(1x1 closed)
[Take a Deep Breath] One on One [It may be your last]
(Yaoi 1x1 closed) Bright as Alaska in December
1x1 Closed ^^
Teacher X Student (1x1 NEED MALE TEACHER)
yuri 1on1
|| This Love Bite is Dangerous || [1x1]
black shadows(open new)
Must This Battle Go On?
Not My Brother (Yaoi 1x1 closed)
want someone to roleplay with please.
.::B L E A C H::. [UlquiHime+IchiRuki] CLOSED.
Paranormal Academy
Love In The Making
The Call (closed)
Please enter this rp!!
Underground Tournament
16 and pregnant
Neko Present -1x1 NEED A GUY-
Scene Girlz (need scene girl)
Band Romance
1x1 Yaoi anyone. :DD Seme needed
enter this roleplay now

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