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Roleplay Listing Page 421

Dark Souls (( Need LITERATE Male )) **Yaoi**
Vampire and Werewolf Love (1x1 needs guy)
Jester *Yaoi* ( LITERATE Male needed))
Hichigo x Ichigo (( Need Sexy Hichigo)) Yaoi
My slave is a what?!?
Bye Bye Beautiful!
cheated (1x1 closed=3)
You can be loved one way or another
Broken Tears.(OneXOne. Open.)
Is There Any Hope?(Resident Evil RP)
sakura and itachi (1x1 guy needed =3)
sakura loves itachi (1x1 itachi needed ;3)
Guardian Angel...? (1x1, girl needed)
naruto high school (JOIN!!! anime ;3)
Heaven Manor
this is the end of all hope!
the new pokemon area .....Aura
Metal Gear Solid 4
Shift my Heart 1X2 **Need the two boys**
Neko chatroom!!!(where you can chat and find a rolepay if you want!)
love is Pain: 1x1 (Closed)
A sweet little love story (1x1, boy needed!)
The grand, amazing, exciting adventures of Samantha morningsun
Summer Love. 1x1!(: Needs Guy, <3
[1x1] Bug In A Needle
Angels Behind the Scenes (Closed)
The village Join!
True Darkness (( -Very Literate- Need Demon or Naga male))
Love Triangle. (Needs males!)
Hes dead? (1x1)(girl needed)
Wicked Skies (NEED PEOPLE!!)
Final Kingdom Hearts -The Story of the Rulers.
I Don't Care. (Yaoi. OneXOne.Open.)
Joy Ride
1x1 yuri (need hot busty teen for a yuri rp)
1x1 yuri
1x1 yuri
Shotacon Mansion OPEN!
Shotacon Mansion OPEN!
Venting is always good
Somebody Save Me...Please...1x1
FullMetal Alchemist: Journey to the Past CLOSED
The rising of shinobi ( The new generation of team seven
Fullmetal Alchemist: Journey to the Past OOC
Yaoi (1x1)
Dorwned Little Muffin...>.>" (Open.OneXOne.)
Threads of Destiny [1x1] [Loveless RP]
Ember Blood
nightmare realm(1x1 needs girl)
Opposite 1x1 boy needed.
Is he back?
Supernatural War of the Millenieum (NEED PEOPLE)
How do I ask him(This is an ooc)
DX boredom occ XD
Looking for males to rp with
Lost in the crowd. ((closed))
Left 4 Dead [Zombie RP/ New]
Vampire Lust (yaoi 1x1 needs guy!!!!)
The saints......(need two irish twin brothers)
The Forgotten
the hellish realm(2 more people needed please?)
Squad 7, Reformed! (Naruto Shippuden RP *Semi-lit to Lit*)
A Growing FriendShip (The Meeting Of An Inu girl)
Okanawa High!! :D
Ah Hell....(OneXOne. Teen Pregnancy.)
Rizz's Picture Album.
Love after his death. 1x2 Needs two males!
Beach House For teens! (OPEN!)
Porn chat(be sexual but plz no cyber pm it)
killer frank's fighting rp
killer frank's fighting rp
santas little "helper"
Kidnapped by a demon!!!(closed)
Kidnapped by a demon/neko=1x1
Literate One on one wanted
samurai champoo rp
is love just a game to you??(need one quy)
Blades Of Glory: RESTARTED
The Hacker!!!!(join please)
Santa's "helper"(full)
Beach House For teens! (OPEN!)
(No way wil I...)Yaoi one on one(marry THAT thing!)[OPEN!]
More Than Lives Our We Fighting For.(Fighting rp)
Chat for me and mah peepz.... Ask to join...

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