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Roleplay Listing Page 47

Life on the run
Lies (open)
James High(very mature.)
the dark club
Finding love (M)
attack of the giant bandaids
Red Lotus
Fight School
Love (Very M)
Sovereign Heart
Her Secret
nesko occ herido
The Beach
School Affairs(Mature[contains rape])
Love and Honor
Love Life.
slaves (m)
amnesia child (m)
Freind of the band
the band (m)
May I help you?
Sin City (M)
One on One. (Girl please.)
death note (m)
Sakura Academy 3 (mature)
Bored...wanna chat?
Party of the Year
P.V college (M)
Just Before the Bloodlust (Yaoi[mature])
.: Persuasion :.
You belong to me (M)
HELP (m)
Who wants to RP
Don't take life for granted.
Run down
The war of Epsion
The Forbidden Kingdom
Vampire Love (M) (need male only)
The end of summer blues
Neko Fantasy
Crimson Moon needs guy!
zanans destiny (m)
Naruto {m}
Kingdom Hearts No More [open!]
Darkness ( Yaoi ) ( M )
The Seven Kings-Yaoi-(we need 7 more sins)
Party! People needed.
Not for younger eyes...(m)(NEEDS BOYS)
high school (m)
The Puppys Of New York (Need More ppl and Is Open For All)
Law and Order SVU
umm little kids and shi ad kat and krowe and amy an
Slave (M)
Sexy Vampires (M)
winter (m)
Lust Isn't Anything Until It's For Blood(Yaoi[Mature])
sex slave (very m or r)
Hotel Merveille (Mature)
Music of the Night. (Yaoi) (M)
Hereditary Gift
Dark Times on Earth
Her new life ^/////^
Cleveland High
Will someone please roleplay with me V_V
Gone wild
Be My Slave (Needs people)
Sex in school
juggalos and juggaletts
I won't let go
Crimson moon OOC
Reflection School for Troubled Boys (Yaoi)
The Wonders of the Female Body(M)
love at first sight(need a boy)
Xiang-Hu Army
Care to explain?
Last ones standing
His daughter (M-ish..)
Desires (Very M)
Marked (changling)
Neko adventure

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